Monday, May 29, 2017

The "Sting Ring" from Streetwise – A Portable 18 Million Volt Stun Gun!

The newest design in personal protection, the Sting Ring Stun Gun. This revolutionary model separates itself from all other stun guns on the market today and is destined to become one of our best sellers. Small and lightweight, the Sting Ring Stun Gun is perfect when in a panic situation. It can be activated quickly by simply squeezing it.

The base of the unit can be concealed in the palm of your hand, exposing only the top of the Sting Ring Stun Gun. The rounded base feels natural in your hand, and when gripped firmly it's nearly impossible for an attacker to take it from you.

The squeeze-n-stun technology could save your life by saving you valuable seconds when defending yourself in a panic situation. Rather than having to fumble around looking for the right buttons to push you simply turn off the safety and tighten your grip to activate the unit and stun your attacker!

The Features of the Sting Ring

Designed to defend: The ease of use, concealability, and strong electric current makes this model one of the best new stun gun models on the market today!

Squeeze-n-stun technology: When it comes to protecting yourself, saving seconds can save your life! In a panic situation, the stun gun can be activated quickly and easily by simply squeezing it. This new technology saves you valuable time by not having to fumble around for the right button to push and your tight grip around the unit prevents it from being knocked out of your hand.

Concealed by your hand: The base of the unit is concealed inside your closed fist, leaving only the Sting Ring Stun Gun exposed. Your attacker will never know you are carrying a stun gun giving you the element of surprise.

Small and lightweight: Eliminates the need to carry a heavy, bulky self-defense product. Ideal for those exercising outdoors or just walking to and from your car.

User-safety features: To prevent accidental discharge, the Sting Ring features a safety switch.
Rechargeable: The recharging cord (included) plugs into a standard wall outlet to save you money on batteries and protect the environment.

Lifetime warranty: The Sting Ring Stun Gun is made by Streetwise Security Products - the leader in the personal protection industry and features a lifetime warranty. See the enclosed instructions for complete details.

Included with your purchase of the "String Ring" via our website:
  • The device itself
  • Instructions manual
  • Charging cord
  • Free shipping

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Best and Most Powerful Portable Security Devices for the Ladies

Lightweight, portable products are very popular among our readers due to the fact that you can take them anywhere with you and feel safe. We have a lot of devices in this category to recommend to you, but this time, our list will be made for our female readers exclusively. In fact, these devices were made with women in mind right from the start and as such, they deserve a place on this list. And for the guys that are reading this - these products make a nice self-defense bundle that is a great gift for your loved ones. So, let us start with the list, shall we?

The Streetwise Sting Ring

The newest design in personal protection, the Sting Ring Stun Gun. This revolutionary model separates itself from all other stun guns on the market today and is destined to become one of our best sellers. Small and lightweight, the Sting Ring Stun Gun is perfect when in a panic situation. It can be activated quickly by simply squeezing it. Click here to purchase this product with free shipping or read our review here.

The Perfume Pepper Spray by Streetwise

This little bottle of pepper spray is covertly disguised as a bottle of perfume making it an amazing self-defense product for the ladies. The perfume itself is shaped as a heart symbol which further increases the illusion that this device is harmless. The attacker will never expect that this cute little pink bottle has a hot pepper formula inside of it! Feel free to have a look at the product in more detail via this link.

The Lipstick Stun Gun

Perfume is one of the most common things to find in a women's purse, but the lipstick isn't far behind either. This time, we have a fairly powerful stun gun device disguised as a lipstick container. The product is very small and compact so it fits the role perfectly. It also doubles as a small LED flashlight which provides it with additional utility. Have a look at the store page to see more info about it.

Pink Stun Gun (Rechargeable)

If you want a cheaper alternative to the Sam Stun then this is probably the best device that you will find. It costs only $39.95 (free shipping also included) and provides a lot of power in a very small package. It is rechargeable just like the Sam Stun and it features a LED flashlight for additional utility. However, the most major downside of this product is that it doesn't feature a clever disguise like the other products on the list. Have a look at the product page for more details and info.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Complete 4 Channel Surveillance System (With Free Shipping!)

Home security (especially video surveillance)  is very expensive, yet we have found a way to make a very affordable home surveillance system without cutting back on the quality. This complete surveillance kit will allow you to easily install up to 4 wired cameras throughout your home, to digitally record all of the activity that goes on. 

This DVR-based system has full networking capability and uses an embedded DVR which allows you to easily view live video over the Internet or play back recorded video. So, even when parents may not be home, they can still see what the teenagers are doing, or what the babysitter is up to. These days it is much more important to be safer rather than sorry, and when it comes to your family, there is no expense that would be too much, to ensure their safety.

It is not just about the fear of a babysitter mistreating the children, but you also want to make sure nothing outrageous is happening while you're away. These days you never can be too sure. We have all heard the term "nanny cam," and even if you have an extremely trustworthy babysitter, she could possibly invite a girlfriend to come over and "hang out" while she's at your home, and although this might not be a do want to be aware of it, and a trusty system like this one will accurately tell you what exactly is happening when you are not at home.

This complete home surveillance system, which is very easy to use, includes all the cameras, cables, a monitor, a mouse and a remote, which is everything you need. If you want to give a gift to your adult children, this is a wonderful choice. If you would like to do so, you can choose your own cameras, et cetera, from our large selection, but we do suggest you start with our 4 channel DVR. It can fit comfortably into any budget. We live in a world where there is continuously more crime, and there are more complications. It may be sad, but it's true, and you have to take precautions in most things that you do. Be prepared, and protect your home, the ones you love, and yourself. Hopefully, you will never have any problems with your home or family, but it pays to "know" for sure! Peace of mind will be yours, with one of our wonderful systems.

This complete surveillance system includes the following:
(1) Stand Alone 4 channel DVR. (SA-DVR-4)

  • (4) Day/Night Color Wired Cameras (BC-30WC-DN)
(4) 100 Ft Video Cables (CA-100)

  • (1) 19” Widescreen LCD Monitor (LCD-19)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Driveway Patrol Alarm: Practical & Affordable Infrared Technology

 The unique infrared Driveway Patrol Alarm doesn't just come in handy if you want to protect your driveway as it is a device with many features and it can be used at home or for your apartment. In addition to this, you can even use it on a large scale for commercial use such as for your hotel, shop or office. The Driveway Patrol Alarm uses unique passive infrared technology to guard the area which you have selected. All you need to do is set the parameters and choose the "on" position and the motion detector will do its job as it was programmed. As you may suspect, once the Driveway Patrol Alarm's detector spots motion an alarm (or a chime) sounds will be heard to alert your or anyone nearby who can assist in the matter at hand. 

 If you plan on securing a larger area with the Driveway Patrol Alarm then feel free to stack up on several units as they will all do their jobs great and are really affordable with their low price of $29.95 per unit. At home, it can be used to alert your of your guest's arrival with a chime sound and at night you can put the device in full alert mode. The same can be said for shop owners who can use this device to alert them of new customers with its soft chime, but when the store is locked up at night then the Driveway Patrol Alarm can be set on alarm guard mode!

  • Including PIR Wireless sensor and receiver

  • Wireless RF Transmission up to 400 ft

  • PIR sensor detects motion and triggers receiver turn on alarm or chime

  • Sound Hi/Low switch

  • Alarm/Chime/Off Select Switch

  • PIR wireless sensor 9v battery (not included) operation

  • Receiver 3C size batteries (not included)

  • Compatible with DC adapter (not included DC 6V 200mA, 120v 2 flat pin adapter) for receiver unit

  • Battery low indicator LED for transmitter and receiver

  • Trigger flash LED
No wiring, easy to install

  • Water resistant for PIR wireless sensor

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Streetwise Smack: Pocket-size, Powerful Stun Device

Most of you are probably skeptical when it comes to a pocket-size stun gun such as "The Smack". However, let us assure you that your prejudice is wrong – don't trust appearances and never judge a weapon by its size. In the case of the Smack, you might end up being "shocked" by just how powerful it is.
The Smack Stun Gun
The Smack Stun Gun from Streetwise
This device was made around the "three P" principle and as such it is: powerful, portable and practical.

The Smack Stun Gun's Features

This small, handheld stun gun can output 5 million volts of power! This is a pretty good amount of power and older mini stun guns have rarely been able to output this much. However, it is safe to say that technology is constantly advancing and the self-defense industry is constantly changing.

Another great thing about it is that it also comes with a very good LED flashlight which will provide you with additional utility. Oh, and I should also mention that the price of this device is only $39.95, and to seal the deal even further I have to mention that we will include free shipping on this product as well!

Once again, here's a quick recap of what The Smack  "key-chain" stun gun has to offer:
  • Covert and discreet
  • Simple, effective and functional design
  • Did we mention powerful? How about very powerful (5 million volts)!
  • Comes with a built-in charger (energy efficient and no batteries!)
  • Holster is included
  • Free shipping and handling included!
  • Remember: portable, practical and powerful!
If there are still some questions that you would like to ask, then do not hesitate to leave a comment, send us an email or ask us via Facebook. Our dedicated staff will respond to your concerns as quickly as possible!