Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dating Tips and Personal Protection

 Dating someone you've known quite some time is usually relatively harmless, however, many women go on blind dates all of the time. It is also common to go out with someone you've known only a few days and met at some bar or party. And why not? It seems like fun doesn't it? You trust your choices don't you? And it seems quite exciting, like sort of an adventure. This is where many women have made the mistake of giving their trust so easily and fall victims to rape, human trafficking and kidnapping. 

 So how to avoid this? Generally the idea is to have the first few weeks or months of dating in a relatively safe surrounding and not give them any openings. If the person really is such a criminal and sees that things are going slow they will stop dating you and look for easier targets. The first date should be organized and maintained somewhere public, with a lot of people around. If you could arrange a double date with your friends then that would be ideal. Never take a ride back home or something similar from this person you barely know.
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 Keep an eye out for his movement and body language. You should be able to tell the difference from somebody that is generally nervous and somebody that has some sort of pathological behavior. Ask him to open up and entrust you with more detail about himself. In return disclose some information about yourself but don't disclose where you live, work, hang out or anything that may be potentially dangerous. Getting him to tell your what social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter he uses will help greatly to do some research and get more information about him.

 In an ideal world all women should use self-defense products such as pepper spray or stun guns. If the situation escalates and you find yourself in danger these could very well save your life!

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