Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Neon Wall Clock Hidden Camera

 A long time ago we only saw hidden cameras in movies and in our imagination. Quickly it became a race to see what type of cover cameras we could make, and of course, which will be the best. Even Pen Hidden cameras exist today and they are quite amazing. But in today's time people are becoming more aware and frightened that they are being watched. Some are just paranoid, some have a good reason to believe so. However, those who use these devices for morally just reasons (security and surveillance) want to have their devices look as naturally as possible.

 The ideal hidden camera:
  • Can be placed in plain sight without look suspicious or obvious.
  • Fits well with the room it is in.
  • Looks like serves a function and isn't misplaced.
  • Isn't the first thing that a person would think to be a hidden camera.
 In such manner, a Clock Hidden Camera would fill out most of these requirements. If placed on a wall it has a wide view of the room and won't miss a thing. Depending on your choice of colors and material it can blend perfectly with the room and if it is working properly it can fool people.

 The neon clocks are ideal for bars, restaurants, game places and casinos. The lights make them stand out, but it is actually what makes them more covert as people tend to think that it would be too obvious that there is something wrong with the clock. People usually consider a Neon Blue Wall Clock  a part of the decorations and design. This is a great advantage for owners of places where these clocks could best be used.

 If you are looking for something similar, but more elegant and without the glow then look at the article we did on the Wood Wall Clock Hidden Camera.

The Blue Neon Version of the device


  • The clock's diameter is fourteen and a half inches.
  • Image Sensor: Sony 1/4" CCD (Color).
  • Resolution: 380 Lines(Color).
  • Min. Illumination:  1 Lux (Color).
  • Lens: 3.7mm Wide Angle.
  • Power Required: 12 V DC/110V AC.

Also Included:

  • Wireless cameras include FREE 2.4 GHz receiver (a $160.00 value).
  • All necessary power supplies and battery packs are included.
The blue one doesn't suit you? 
is also available for sale!

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