Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Exclusive offer: 30% OFF for the Sony Alarm Clock Hidden Camera!

 If you have been searching for an indoor hidden camera then you have probably heard about the Sony Alarm Clock Hidden Camera and have perhaps considered buying it? It is certainly one of the best products on the market today and thanks to our special offer you can get this item from us with a 30% discount if you purchase it from our website until November 11th!

 This brilliant product uses motion-activated recording technology and will not drain your battery on standby. As soon as motion is detected by the sensors the recording will start and continue until it is certain that the source of the motion has left the zone. Thanks to great built-in DVR the video will output itself as MPEG4 file format and is recorded onto a hidden SD Card. The SD Card is included at has 8 GB of storage area. The video from this covert nanny camera can be viewed via a USB connection (SD Card > Computer) or via the included RCA cable which can connect the device to a TV or monitor.

  The Sony Alarm Clock Hidden Camera also allows users to take advantage of some of its more advanced features. For example, you can edit the cells of the motion sensors to exclude certain areas. If you exclude the lowest parts of the cells then this will most likely disable your pets from activating the camera, however, people passing by the sensor zone will still trigger it as they will be inside other active cells. You can also disable motion-activated recording and choose a preset time for the camera to start recording and how long it should stay on.

 Aside from all of this the Sony Alarm Clock Hidden Camera is a fully functional alarm clock which you can use to wake up to your favorite tunes! Its inconspicuous design will make it blend with the room and prevent it from drawing any unwanted attention.

 Make sure you use this exclusive offer and save 30% with your purchase!

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