Monday, October 8, 2012

FREE Pepper Spray with every order during October!

 While our online shop always has special discounts available, we have decided to step the game up a notch and give away a 1/2 oz pepper spray with every purchase made in October! This small, portable pepper spray device is a brilliant solution for those who could use some extra safety at home, at the workplace, during your daily commute or whenever you feel it may be useful to have it around. It is light and small enough to fit into your pocket or to be used as a key chain which guarantees that you will always be able to have it by your side.

You can use this special promotion with our current 30% discount on the Mini Alert Alarm!

Our 1/2 oz Pepper Spray comes in a stylish leather case and is available in several color combinations - from stylish red to elegant black. The device itself is rather effective, but limited by its small canister which doesn't have the capacity to hold high volumes of pepper spray. However, as with many things in life, quality often wins the battle over quantity as our pepper spray formula is very strong and this unit will be enough to defend yourself from an attack. The canister provides you with enough volume of pepper spray to fire out five (5) bursts, with each one lasting for one second.

 The 1/2 oz Pepper Spray uses the trademarked Pepper Shot™ Pepper Spray 10% pepper spray formula which has been rated at 2 million Scoville heat units. Depending on the person used on, the effects can last up to thirty minuets, but the initial five-minuet window of opportunity provided by the pepper spray is enough for you to escape your attacker, get to a safe location and contact help or the local authorities. 

  • Comes in a leather case
  • Effective range of up to 8 feet
  • Locking actuator for safety
  • Usable a key chain with quick release
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Practical and easy-to-use
  • Effects of the powerful formula can last up to 20 to 30 minuets

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