Friday, October 12, 2012

Motion Activated Alarm with Keypad

 Securing your home from burglars and thieves should be one of your priorities as study shows that residential burglaries are increasing. On average  every 16 seconds a house gets robbed in the USA and only 16% of these crimes will actually be solved by the police. This means that once something gets stolen, there is strong chance that the person it was stolen from will never see it again. Among the items that get stolen most frequently are jewelry, cash and electronics and an average robbery will set the homeowner $2,000 to $5,000 back. You also risk losing items of sentimental value and having the thieves vandalize your home.  Alarm security systems are among the most commonly used devices nowadays for securing one's home. But even though the demand for alarm systems is on a rising spree, only 14% of homes have some sort of security protecting the premises.

 Today, we have one such motion alarm system for use at home and its called the Motion Activated Alarm with Keypad. This compact motion sensor can detect all forms of motion and will detect anyone who attempts to go inside a protected area. Once such motion has been discovered, a powerful 130 dB alarm will start. The ear-shattering noise is something enough on its own to scare the intruder off. Apart from this it will also alert anyone nearby that a burglary may be in progress and that they should call the local authorities.

 The keypad is there of course to enter the proper code in order to disarm and arm the alarm system. And as you may have assumed the owner is the one assigning the programmable security code. Although it a four digit code you can be sure no thief who just got scarred by a 130 dB alarm will try and figure it out. This is one of those features that makes the Motion Activated Alarm with Keypad the ideal security for home, retail store, office, or hotel room.

Requires four AA batteries that are not included.


  • Effective low cost security for your home, business, garage, storage shed, dorm, room, etc.
  • Wireless - simple installation
  • Can be wall mounted or portable
  • Entry and exit delays prevent false alarms
  • Includes 2 FREE window decals to deter intruders.
  • Create your own security code
  • Automatic reset once motion is no longer detected for 30 seconds
  • Detection area of 20 feet long by 60 degrees wide
  • Low battery indicator

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