Friday, October 26, 2012

Taser C2: Myths and Facts

 The Taser C2 is a powerful self-defense weapons that is non-lethal, almost 100% effective and easy-to-use and will give you peace of mind as well as protection whenever you need it! However, due to it still not being such a common sight there are a lot of inaccurate facts about it and today we will try to go over some usual question and see what the truth about these devices really is. If you had your doubts about whether or not the Taser C2 is an effective device, then this little list of frequently asked questions will surely help you see things a lot more clearly.

 Myth: A civilian cannot own a Taser C2 and it is something only used by the police.

Taser C2 Elegant Black
 This is, as you may have guessed it already, certainly not truealthough certain conditions apply. As you can see in our section regarding Taser C2 laws most states allow an individual to own and use a Taser C2. However, this individual must be of legal age and cannot have a criminal record. Aside from this states such as the District of Columbia require you to have a firearms registration and the state of Connecticut only finds it legal to use the Taser C2 for personal protection in your home. We suggest you read the list carefully and then contact local authorities to make sure nothing is different in your local area. Aside from that, please note that we cannot ship to the following areas: HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI, or WI.

 Myth: The high voltage that Taser C2 uses can be lethal.

 If this were true then the Taser C2 certainly wouldn't be a device that is this easy to obtain and use. Engineers consider anything over 35,000 volts to be potentially dangerous, however even a 100 volt current can be lethal. This does not depend on the voltage itself but on the power source and electrical current behind it. The real thing to worry about are amperes (amps) which is the unit used to measure the strength of an electrical current. 

 The Taser C2 does not have a power source that is powerful enough to deliver such a powerful electrical current unlike home appliances and complex machines. If your attacker has a heart condition and has an installed cardiac pacemaker then the Taser C2 still cannot produce the needed amount of voltage or electrical current to be lethal. This is why the Taser C2 is not lethal and can be used on anyone in the act of self-defense.

 Question: How does it work then? Doesn't it need a powerful current to deliver a stunning shock?

 Actually, the method by which a Taser C2 works is much more sophisticated and its purpose isn't just to deliver a shock. The pulsing electrical current that will travel through the probes will disrupt the message that the brain sends to the rest of the body. This will further result as a lost of control over the muscles. The target will feel dazed and unable to move for several minuets and it is possible that they might fall unconscious. Either way, you will have enough time to get to safety and contact your local authorities.

 Myth: If the probes do not fully penetrate the body then the Taser C2 will not be effective.

 This is another mistake as the probes do not need to fully penetrate the clothing and skin of the attacker in order to transmit the pulsating electrical current. The current can jump up to 2 inches and as long as both probes hit the target then you have nothing to fear about!

 Question: What if the probes miss or a second attacker comes?

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 If the probes miss there is an emergency backup option labeled as touch-stun mode which essentially allows your Taser C2 to function as a powerful stun gun which will have the same effects as if you hit the target with the probes but is a bit more dangerous to use as it requires you to engage the attacker physically and not from a distance. Don't worry though as the electrical current cannot pass from their body unto you. It is however unlikely that you will miss the target as the Taser C2 comes with laser targeting and has a range of 15 feet while the probes travel at about 135 feet per second which is not something that your attacker will be able to dodge.

Myth: High temperatures can cause the device to blow up!

 This myth comes from the fact that Taser C2 uses compressed nitrogen to propel the probes towards the attacker. The capsules containing this inert gas are tested carefully on both high and low temperatures and we can assure you that something like this cannot happen!

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