Monday, November 5, 2012

Extreme College Survival Kit

In case you missed our Back to School giveaway do not be disappointed as there are certainly more great offers and prized yet to come! If you recall, in that giveaway we were handing out the Extreme College Survival Kit, a product from SafeFamilyLife that combines many products we have available at our shop with great product instructional DVDs, manuals and new, extensively researched reports into special purpose "kits." This is certainly an and interesting approach in family security field and will give you an unique opportunity to purchase several interesting and essential products.

Extreme College Survival Kit
Extreme College Survival Kit

 While their is no need to be afraid of college as for many it is the best time of their life, there are still certain things you need to consider and be careful about. The SafeFamilyLife Extreme College Survival Kit is  structured and made out of products that will make a young student's life much safer at college. Sure - it can be rather fun, but there is no need to risk getting dragged into certain situations that will bring you harm, right? The function of all the items that are included into this package is explained in the DVDs and manuals. These items will not just give you peace of mind and personal security, but also some extra utility to make it easy to perform some ordinary tasks.

Your Extreme College Survival Kit includes the following products: 

  • Lipstick Pepper Spray (1)
Nap Alarm (1) 

  • 1/2 oz Pepper Spray with Visor Clip (1)

  • 2 oz. Pepper Spray with Wall Mount (1) 

  • 1/2 oz. Pepper Spray with Keychain (1) 
Diversion Safe - Book (1)

  • Electronic Pocket Whistle (1) 
Door Stop Alarm (1) 
Cell Phone Lite (1) 
All batteries included
  • Product Instructional Manuals

 In addition we will include six Special Safety Reports. The purpose of these reports is provide you with an overview of collage life and the dangers you need to consider while you are staying there.

The reports are: 
College And Campus Safety Tips 

  • College Rape Report

  • How To Secure Your Dorm or Apartment

  • Roommates 
  • Safe Dating

  • Tools Parents Can Use To Prepare Their Kid For College

 So enjoy collage and stay safe with the Extreme Collage Survival Kit!

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