Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gift Certificates on Your Greatest Protection!

 The holiday season is approaching and if you are still not sure what personal security product you want to get for your loved one, friends or family members you can buy them a gift certificate and let them choose what best suits their needs! Our certificates start at $25 and go up to $500 and they have no expiration date so that the one who receives this thoughtful gift can take all of the time they need to do their research before they decide what they want to get. Redeeming the certificate is simple and thanks to our dedicated system there will be no mistakes or transaction errors during the process.
Gift certificates starting at $25!
 Once you purchase the gift certificate of your choice you will receive a special notification along with the certificate code. Once a person has received the certificate code they can browse through the site until they find the item(s) they wish to redeem the code for. During the checkout they can just type the code in and the code will be redeemed and your order received. Until December 31 you will also receive free shipping no mater what you order!

 If you do not feel comfortable with buying gift certificates and would prefer it if you could give the gift to somebody personally then allow us to help you choose the ideal gift from our store! We have created a special selection of products that cost under $50 and categorized them into two categories:
 By purchasing any of the products from these two categories you will receive free shipping as well! Do not miss out on this special holiday offer!

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