Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gifts for Her - Your Greatest Protection Top Picks!

 In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season YourGreatestProtection has already created the exclusive gift certificate program. With a special gift promo code your loved one can choose the product of their choice and redeem the code during check out. If you, however, prefer to buy gifts yourself we have arranged a special list of products that cost under $50 and would make a great gift for this holiday season. We already presented some products from our Gifts for Him collection and today we will focus on the best gifts that you can buy for your girlfriend, wife, female friends etc.

 Streetwise Perfume Pepper Spray - Heart!

 This unique portable pepper spray is one of the best sellers on our website and makes a great gift that is actually cute and loving. The Streetwise Perfume Pepper Spray costs only $14.95 and you will receive free shipping with your order as long as you place the order by December 31! 

 The canister itself comes in three different colors that you can choose from: black, pink and purple. It contains around 20 grams (roughly 3/4 oz) of powerful pepper spray which can help you defend yourself from a vicious attacker. It is a 17% concentrated pepper spray created from the finest grain of pepper that has a rating of two million Scoville heat units.

Streetwise Rechargeable Stun Gun (5 million volts) 

 This brilliant stun gun is so small that it can be used a key-chain but this doesn't mean that it will be any less effective. It is really twice the size but the power stays the same and the Streetwise Rechargeable Stun Gun also comes with a built-in LED flashlight. The bright LED lights will certainly be useful in many different situation and since the device will be safe in your pocket it will be easy to access and use. As the name suggests the device is fully rechargeable and will save you a fortune on batteries. Free shipping is included in this offer as well!

HotPink - Mace Pepper Spray

  Mace is a respected brand when it comes to personal security and self-defense and their pepper spray devices are considered topnotch and of the finest quality. Their Hotpink Mace Pepper Spray features a powerful, top-secret pepper formula that will fend off attackers. Just make sure you aim for their face and let the pepper spray do the rest! This unit features a practical flip-top mechanism and is quite stylish making it a great gift for the ladies!

 If you are looking for more gift ideas, have a look at our Gifts for Her collection!

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