Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lightning Rod: Stun Pen and LED Flashlight!

 A lot of people today own several self-defense products so that they can always have at least one available at their fingertips if trouble should come. A small bottle of pepper spray or a mini stun gun are very light to transport, easy to pack and are quite affordable. They can provide you with peace of mind and a great self-defense weapon in case you run into a dangerous situation. The Lighting Rod looks like is a disguised mini stun pen with a dual function as it is also a fully functional LED flashlight. The device is rechargeable and doesn't require you to constantly buy new batteries which means that is very economical and efficient. Just make sure you charge it regularly in order to ensure that the battery stays at full capacity.
pen stun gun
Product photograph. The Lighting Stun Pen is very
comfortable in one's hand and feel quite natural as it
provides a firm grip.
 One must wonder how strong a device like this actually is though considering that it is rather small. However, it must be said that all doubts are unnecessary considering that this one of the strongest and most powerful stun pens that you can find on the market. It provides an estimated 2.5 million volts of power which is the highest voltage currently found on a device in this category. It also comes with two bright LED lights which can be used in a lot of situations to provide you the utility you need. During a dangerous scenario it might also provide an element of surprise   

 This device also makes a great gift and is featured in our Gifts for Her collection. With your purchase you will receive the following extras:
  • Safety cap
  • Holster
  • Free shipping (until the end of December)
  • A cord for recharging
 The Lighting Rod stun pen is actually a product made by the trusted brand Streetwise that has recently created an entire collection of mini stun guns. If you are looking for something similar to this product then we recommend the Small Fry stun gun which is a larger device with a bigger battery, a stronger LED light and a firm rubber grip.This device currently on sale and you will get a great discount offer for it, but hurry since the number of units is limited!

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