Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mini Magnetic Contact Alarm and Chime (4 Pack)

 The Mini Magnetic Contact Alarm is an economical home security device that is especially great for apartments. It is also a solid foundation to any do-it-yourself security system. It is only 2 1/2" long and will perform its best to provide protection to your home and protect your family and belongings. With home burglaries happening more than ever due to the hard economy and the general rise of crime, it is certainly a must to have some sort of personal protection. While an alarm cannot physically prevent a burglar it can still scare them away or draw the attention of people nearby to the situation.

Mini Magnetic Contact Alarm
Product photo

mini magnetic alarm
Product pack
 This unit uses a magnetic sensor to detect the opening of a protected door or window (depending on where you placed it). It can produce a powerful 90dB alarm or a chime will then alert you to an attempted entry and scare off potential intruders. It is also great for office or business security.

 Of course, nothing stops the owner from opening a protect door/window as they can simply turn the alarm off so that it doesn't make any noise once they do.

 If your children are still young and love to explore things that they shouldn't you can use the Mini Magnetic Alarm to be alerted once they try to open the medicine cabinet or a door that they certainly should not.

Batteries included!

A placed Mini Magnetic Contact Alarm

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