Monday, December 3, 2012

Pepper Spray Devices for the Ladies

 December is here and the holiday season is quickly approaching, but have you found the ideal gift for her yet? We are honored to present you all with a very special Gifts for Her collection this Christmas and hopefully you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. The items in this special series all cost under $50 and make great personal security devices that would be a thoughtful, loving gift for your loved one. If you place your order by the end of December you can also receive free shipping on these items so act fast! Today, we will showcase three very special pepper spray devices that are a part of this collection in order to help you narrow down your choice.

Streetwise Perfume Pepper Spray

 Looking for a disguised pepper spray device that you will be able to carry around with you at all times? The Streetwise Perfume Pepper Spray is a brilliant device with such a purpose. The canister is designed to look like a regular heart-shaped perfume bottle/container and nobody will suspect that the content of the little item is actually a powerful pepper spray liquid. The formula uses only the finest grain of red pepper and this is why this Streetwise product has such a high rating and a lot of positive reviews from women who used it out in the field.

 The Streetwise Perfume Pepper Spray will stop even the most aggressive attacker right in his tracks! The formula will take its full effect if it comes in contact with the attacker's face, especially the eyes. It can cause chocking, temporary blindness, loss of coordination and a great deal of pain that will cause the attacker to panic and leave you alone. The effects are bound to last for at least five minuets so it is ideal that you use this time to get to safety and contact help.
 Please note:
  • We offer three color choices: black, pink, or purple.
  • The canister measures 3 1/2" x 1".
  • Each canister contains 20 grams of pepper spray (about 3/4 oz.).
  • You will receive free shipping if you order by the end of December!

Mace Pepper Spray Baton

Mace is another brand with a great reputation when it comes to pepper spray and their Mace Pepper Spray Baton is a very unique gift to say the least. This is a small, easy-to-carry device that doubles as a kuboton and as a pepper spray canister. It will provide you with three one-second shots of Mace fogger pepper spray before it runs out. Refills are available however and their prices are rather affordable. The maximum range of the fogger pepper spray is no longer than five feet.

 As you can see the Mace Pepper Spray Baton is a bit different from regular pepper spray devices and it is more aimed at women who can use the device both a kuboton and a simple close-range pepper spray device. Usually this device is used by women who have completed an advanced course in self-defense or know quite a bit about martial arts and fighting with a weapons such a small kuboton.

Lipstick Pepper Spray

Personal protection products do not just provide a weapon to use in a dangerous situation, but they also give us an improved sense of confidence and controls. Something similar can be said about the Lipstick Pepper Spray which would make a great gift and is well worth the invested money. It is a device that is easy to carry around and can be placed in your pocket, purse or your evening/night-out satchel bag. If any situation should make you feel uncomfortable just reach into your pocket and hold on to your lipstick pepper spray and remove the safety cap. Now you will be ready to use the device to defend yourself should the situation become dangerous.
Key things to note: 
  • Contains 5 one second bursts
  • Sprays up to 6 feet.
  • Available in five classy colors: Blue, Silver, Red, Pink and Black.
  • Easy to carry and use.
  • Get free shipping if you order by the end of December!

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