Friday, June 21, 2013

Remember to subscribe to Your Greatest Protection via Social Media

Why follow us on Facebook?
 - Well, if you are already using this social networking site this is a great opportunity to keep updates with us! We make posts regularly whenever a new, great blog post is published and we inform our users about great discounts and offers. Facebook is also a great way for you to ask us any questions should you require any help. Feel free to like us today!
  Why follow us on Pinterest?
 - This social network is quite different from many others and is mainly there to share great photos and other useful or trendy content. From time to time Your Greatest Protection pins some nice, stylish photos related to what our brand is about. So, are you using Pinterest? Give us a pin then!

 Why you should you join our mailing list? 
 - Some of you might even be wondering - why should I join ANY mailing list and this is becoming a relic of the past. Either way, we strongly encourage that you do opt-in to our list. We send emails only from time to time to inform you of our monthly offers. We will not give out your information to anyone nor will we use your email to send you spam. Also, if you do subscribe to our mailing list, you will get an awesome free eBook as well as a 10% discount coupon! Have a look at this offer here!

 Why follow us on Twitter?
 - Twitter is a great place to "chill out" and we won't use this social channel to spam our followers with offers and deals. Instead, we try to communicate with our clients and answer their questions, provide them with great content, advice and the latest news involving self-defense and home security. Give us a tweet today!

 Thank you for your time and have a wonderful weekend!

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