Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Easy to Use Office Safety Kit - Free Shipping and Handling Included!

This Office Security Kit is really a nice set of tools that can make your office a secure place and improve the overall work environment. Most of us are not prepared for all the unpleasant situations life might put us in, so this kit was made to give us an edge if trouble should come and give us great control of any situation. Aside from this we also recommend that you consider buying a in-wall safe as well as secure cabinets for valuable files and documents. This of course depends on your business and requirements. Some of the items featured in this kit are available as stand alone products on our website, so if you are interested only in a particular device and don't need the whole kit feel free to contact us!

Here is the official list of the products that are contained inside this kit:

  • The Wall Clock Hidden Camera - a well disguised camera in the form of a clock and is motion activated. It includes a time and date stamp on all footage. It’s a great security tool to have at your office.
  • One dome dummy camera  that does not only look like a real camera, but it also has flashing LED lights that draw attention and scare off pestilential thieves. It is powered by AA batteries and is very compact and easy to mount.
  • One UFO alarm that can be used in several ways, both as a snatch or personal alarm. It’s very loud and reliable and batteries are included.
  • One Auto Dialer alarm which you can program with stored passwords and your own telephone numbers. It will let you or other co-workers know if there was a break-in at the office. The siren is extremely loud and no burglar will stick around too long when it’s on.
  • One Pepper Spray with wall mount (2 oz) which is a great self-defense tool, and not just for the office. With the wall mount you can put it in a location that you think is best, but keep it hidden from plain sight.

The Ultimate Office Safety & Security Kit also comes with all included batteries, a training and instructions DVD, manual and special resources to help you better prepare yourself:

    •   12 Steps To A Safer Office
    •    How To Create A Safe Working Environment
    •    How To Develop & Implement Emergency Plans
    •    How To Protect Confidential Information
    •    Theft Protection
    •    What You Need To Know About Discrimination and Harassment

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