Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fake Security Cameras and Home Security – How to Prevent Burglary

Today’s topic will be dedicated to understanding what fake security cameras are and how they can be helpful. But first’ let talk a bit about the general problem of home burglary. As you are probably well aware it can happen to anybody and recent statistics show that this type of crime is on the rise. Considering that it dropped considerably in 2008 we are now back at square one. Experts say that the recent economy prices have greatly contributed to the rise of crime, but this isn't what we’re here to discuss. What we can all agree on is that home owners need the tools to defend themselves and preventing crime is certainly the best option if possible.

The Price of Home Burglary

Let’s talk numbers first, shall we? Did you know that a typical home burglary will set you back for around $3,000? This is total value of stolen goods and valuables and it doesn’t include other costs you might have to pay such as the price of fixing broken windows or changing the lock. Burglars will often prioritize stealing electronics, jewelry and cash if possible.

However, these numbers don’t factor in that some thieves can be extremely aggressive. They might threaten or even hurt anyone they find within the home that is being raided.

Oh and did you know that only 15% of residential burglaries will get solved and even then some of the stolen things may not be returned to their rightful owner? Yeah, the numbers don’t look good. This is why we believe that preventing home burglary in the first place is so important!

Fake Security Cameras – The Affordable Solution

Let’s be honest – a monitored home security system with alarms and fully functional cameras is the one of the best solutions. However, it is also rather expensive and not everyone can afford it. On the other hand, a single fake security camera costs less than $100 and will greatly decrease your chances of being a victim of home burglary.

The fake security cameras that we sell at our store are actually made of the same parts as real surveillance cameras and as such nobody will be able to tell if they are real or fake devices. Along with this we also have some premium models that utilize motion detection sensors to move the camera. As a result they look extremely professional and realistic.

Let’s Play the Numbers Game Again

Alright, so we've given you some fair arguments about why fake security cameras are useful, but what do the numbers say? You see over the past few years of working in the field of home security we have realized that a home with no security measures is 3 times more likely to be burglarized than a home with something as cheap as a well-positioned dummy security camera.

So, with all of this in mind let’s look at some of the products we have to offer in our store:

Dome Dummy Camera 

The most affordable fake security camera device in our store. It comes with a very realistic flashing red LED light. We highly recommend this one for in-door use because this is where dome cameras are usually employed. Check it out here!

The Professional Dummy Camera

This one looks more like the average security camera that we're used to seeing in stores. Like the previous device, this product also features an LED light, but it also comes with realistic cables and a durable housing. Check it out here!

Dummy Deluxe Camera

Finally, the deluxe dummy camera is the most realistic product that we have to offer in this category. It looks just like those cameras that are used by banks and high class hotels. It comes with a heavy-duty housing, realistic cables, red LED lights and durable metal screws to install the camera easily anywhere you want. Check it out here!

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