Monday, August 18, 2014

How to Improve Your Home Security In 5 Simple Steps

A lot of people will say that their home is their own little castle, yet only a handful of people actually have proper security to protect those who live inside. Taking a completely negative attitude and thinking that nobody out there could possibly rob you will only backfire one day. There is really no divine master plan that burglars use when they pick houses to invade, they just choose between the houses that look the least protected and the rest is just the luck of the draw. This article will give you five useful tips on how to keep your home secured and safe, without spending too much money! If you are still not convinced that home burglary is a major threat/issue then have a look at this infographic.

Tip 1: Keep things locked

It is perhaps best that you make a list of all the doors and windows on your ground floor so that you always remember to close and lock them during the night. Don't forget a single door, especially not the backdoor, the basement door or a door that might be connecting your house with the garage. Also close the windows shut. If you have some extra money you should purchase iron bars or strong window rollers/shutter so that nobody can break the windows and jump into your home.

Tip 2: Control the area

If there is a lot of brush, branches and other high vegetation around your home you should consider trimming it down enough that it is impossible for a burglar to hide there. You should also invest a bit of money into evening lamps or even motion-detecting reflectors as these are known to scare burglars away.

Add some security alarms to your doors and windows!

Tip 3: You live in a community

There are a lot of ways in which members of the same community can help each other when it comes to home security. Meet up with your neighbors and talk about what you have done so far to improve your home's defenses and ask them to keep an eye out from time to time for anything suspicious. If the whole community is worried about home invasions or other problems that the area might be having, it is also your right to organize a neighborhood watch to keep things under control and safe. If you are going somewhere and leaving your home unguarded, then it is also wise to lend a key to a trusted neighbor so that he or she can check things every day and pick-up your mail for you.

Tip 4: Lights and Sound

Most burglars won't dare to invade a home whose owners are present. On rare occasions they will burglarize a home while the owners are sleeping which means that your home is most vulnerable when you are either asleep or away from home. Lights and sound are, however, a very powerful tool for keeping burglars away. While they will not always fool burglars, they will still give them too much doubt and make them to refuse risking it. Just turn on some porch light, a radio and leave the TV on, it should be enough. Make sure you do this especially if you are away.

Tip 5: Make a DIY security system

Small motion alarms and dummy cameras can be bought for less than $50 and this includes free shipping if you buy it via our website. If you can get a couple of these and do a bit of creative thinking, you will no doubt end up with a powerful home security system that will do its job well. Remember to include a fake sticker on your fence saying that your home is protected it by some well-known security company.

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