Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mace Motion Alert Alarm for Home Security

Mace is a well-known brand in the area of self-defense and everyone has heard about the MACE pepper spray; however, did you know that they also create home security alarms? Namely, their MACE Motion Alert Alarm is one of the most popular (and affordable) home security alarms. It is mostly bought my small business owners and used to protect storage areas in shops, bars and restaurants. However, a lot of people use it for home security - mostly those who own a house and/or garage area.

MACE Motion Alert Alarm features and overview
The MACE Motion Alert in action

The most distinctive features of the MACE Motion Alert Alarm include:

  • Infrared-based sensors
  • Programmable security code for the alarm system
  • Fully-functional keypad with simple controls and inputs
  • This is a battery-operated device which means you don't have to do any wiring. The batteries are rechargeable and the process is done seldom via an AC connector (included).
  • Due to the fact that the Motion Alert Alarm is battery-powered, it is portable and easy to install on various locations - depending on one's needs.

How it Works

Once you arm the device you can select the radius of the area where the device should detect motion. An easy example of this is to set the device to detect all motion approximately 3 feet from the device. This is an easy way to detect motion next to an entrance such as an employees only door.

If motion is detected in this area then the Mace Motion Alert alarm will activate a loud 105 dB alarm siren. To turn the alarm off, just enter the security pass code! The default code can be overwritten and you can change the pass code at any time - as long as you know the current password so don't forget it!

Mace Motion Alert Product box
Product box
Along with the alarm itself we will also deliver the AC connector, user manual and the appropriate screws.With your order we will apply free shipping and handling and costs only $34.95 via our web store.

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