Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Michigan Approved Pepper Spray - "The PepperGard" Available for Only $14.95

The state of Michigan has very specific laws concerning pepper spray and as such the products from our shop are usually not available in this area. However the Mace PepperGard is one those devices that are available and we, of course, recommend it to people outside of Michigan as well! This is one of the products from their 3-in-1 series which uses OC pepper, UV dye and tear gas - and as such the PepperGard is very powerful!

The Pepper Gard is an extremely portable and lightweight pocket pepper-spray product that allows you to have reliable, covert protection. Should you feel uncomfortable in someone's presence just slip your hand into the pocket, bag or purse and grip you little guardian angel just in case things get serious. Don't look scared and put on a good poker face so nobody suspects you are holing something. Make it look like you passively searching for something or just holding your hand like that out of boredom. Hold your head up proudly and look at any aggressively looking person straight in the eyes. Practice this will you are out in a walk. If you look like a confident, capable person, nobody will want to try and pick fights with your attempt to burglarize you.

The PepperGard features:
  • A fully functional flip-top safety cap. Just flip the cap and grip the pepper spray tightly. Press on the release button to spray it!
  • The optimum range is 6 to 12 feet. Aim for the face, especially the eyes.
  • This unit contains only 10 grams.
  • Enough pepper spray for 5 one-second bursts.
  • This device is one of the few that are approved by the Michigan State's laws 
  • Contains a powerful OC pepper formula which swells the eyes and even goes into the nostrils to inflict a burring sensation which inflicts a great deal of pain and forced the attacker to back off.
  • Contains UV Dye which can later be used to identify the attacker under UV lights.

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