Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Quick Introduction to Stun Batons

Stun batons are a very "niche" device. Most people wouldn't know what to do with one and it is something that we mostly seen security workers using. In reality a lot of people favor pepper spray over a stun device due to the fact that the stun gun is used at close range while a pepper spray allows one to protect oneself from a distance. To counter this of course, one can argue that a Taser C2 is the type of device that bridges the gap and gives great self-defense from a distance with a similar technology as a stun gun. However, many would prefer a cheaper alternative and that’s exactly what stun batons represent. Stun batons are self-defense weapons similar to stun guns which give you the ability to keep attacker away from you without letting them get too close for comfort! A stun baton presents a clear advantage in any fight and its reach if far greater than the attacker’s arm. 

Stun Baton Guide
 So, how effective are these devices in practice? Do they have a good track record? Oh, you would be surprised! After all, just allow yourself to think a bit on your own. Imagine getting hit by a regular baton - that has to hurt right? Now, imagine a powerful electrical current flowing through that device - ouch! This is why you don't even have to hit someone very hard with a stun baton - the electrical current will do most of the damage anyway. Just firing it in the air and showing you mean business can help you avoid conflict. Club bouncers, guards, security and night watchmen often have stun batons with them as these can quickly disable opponents and pin them down until authorities arrive to take over the case. 

What is a Stun Baton
 If you plan on getting a stun baton then you need to make sure you understand you needs and what sort of features you are looking in the stun baton. How important is the length to you? Do you want it to come with a flashlight? How much voltage do you need? At first glance it will seem like all the stun batons on the market have the same features but this is highly incorrect. A word of advice from me is to make sure you get a stun baton with a disabling pin which allows you to render the device useless if it is taken away from you by force. This ensures it isn’t used against you. 

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