Monday, August 11, 2014

The "Pink Lightning" - Stun Pen Device for the Ladies!

 Today, we will be looking at a very interesting stun device - the Lightning Rod Stun Pen from Streetwise. This a unique two-in-one devices that excels as both a stun gun and as a LED flashlight. Products like this are in high demand these days and most of the products that we offer on our website have more functionality than a regular stun device.

But why are products like this so interesting? What is the main advantage of having other functions attached to your stun gun? This is because a device such as this is able to provide users with both raw power, elegance and utility. In addition to providing a power of 2.5 million volts, the Stun Pen also has a built-in LED flashlight which can come in handy in numerous different situations. One should also note that it also looks like an ordinary pen from a distance and that it is certainly easy to carry and conceal. It is also very easy to pull out and use against an attacker who made mistake of crossing your way. Another good thing about the device is that is fully rechargeable and will save you a fortune on battery packs. Let us have a look at some more advanced features then.

 While you can order the Lightning Rod (Pink) there is of course an elegant black version in our webstore for the same price so choose which one you like better and order it today! In case you looking for a different sort of Stun Pen, we recommend one from our Stun Master Pen Stun Gun series. If there are any questions about these device do not be afraid to contact us or leave a comment down bellow.

 Advanced features include:

  • The Lighting Rod is the strongest stun pen in the world! In spite of its small size, it is capable of outperforming even the bulkiest of stun guns on the market. It should be noted that the Lightning Rod has 2,500,000 Volts of power and a three second shock is enough to fend off an attacker and make them disorientated. Use this windows of opportunity to call for help and inform the authorities of the incident.
  • The device is fully rechargeable and you will save a lot of money on batteries. The rechargeable batteries are included and installed and the charging cord comes with the package.
  • The Lightning Rod is the type of device which nowadays people call a "two-in-one". While it is a very covert stun gun, it is also a powerful LED flashlight that comes with built-in 2 LED flashlight.
  • Easy to carry and slim enough to fit in any pocket, purse or bag.
  • The device includes a protective cap, a safety switch and a holster.
  • Lifetime Warranty: the Lightning Rod is made of the highest quality components and comes with a lifetime warranty

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