Monday, September 8, 2014

Fire Detector and Escape Ladder Kit

Not long ago, the American Fire Protection Association published an interesting statistic that said, among other things, that every three hours somebody in the USA dies from a fire which started in their home or building. We hope that this year these numbers will show optimism that this issue is getting addressed and that people are aware of the risks.

 Every apartment or room that which is above the main level should have an alternative getaway system in case of fire such as the fire stairs or ladders. Even so, not many homes have these. If you are lucky enough to live in a three or two story home then the Kidde Escape Ladder could save your life and the life of your family members. It is a compact and easy to use ladder which you can keep under your bed or in the closet. Since it is easy to use and climb down, you can escape from a burning room with your child by your side. It can withstand up to 1000lb of weight and fits almost any window. 

 Full specs of the Kidde Escape Ladder:
  • 2 Story, 13 Feet, worry-free Escape Ladder
  • Strong and Durable Construction
  • Attaches Quickly to Most Common Windows
  • Tangle-Free Design: Fast and Easy to Deploy
  • Ready for Use: No Tools or Assembly Required
  • Fits Most Standard Size Windows
  • Ladder Tested to 1000 lbs.
  • Anti-Slip Rungs
  • Compact for easy Storage
  • 5 year, Limited Warranty

 But you are probably aware that this compact ladder device has some very limited options. How can you secure your life and lives of your family if you are in an apartment that is very high up? Or how can you vouch for the safety of your homeworkers and employees at the office? It can indeed be said that a fire detector and CO alarm is the best solution and we have many in stock for you to choose from. All of them are by the Kidde brand name which makes the ladders seen above as well. Their kits have been tested in the field already and have proven to be real lifesavers.

 We can honestly recommend the Kidde Combination Talking Alarm which doubles as a carbon monoxide monitor and a smoke detector (fire alarm). It is a rather smart device which will sound the alarm if either of the two hazards should happen. Even if you are sleeping tight, this device will warn you of a dangerous situation and probably save your life.

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