Monday, September 29, 2014

Improve Home Security In a Few Simple Steps!

The most obvious first step to securing your home from burglary and theft is to secure all your locks and doors. This can be rather expensive, but remember just how easily thieves can lock-pick some doors, and they certainly don't mind using force to break them down if they know nobody is home. So, what steps can you take to improve on the chances that your home has?

 The first is to always check that your doors are locked and that nobody can get into your garage and, thus, into your home from there. You can also replace your front and back door with some of the latest heavy metal/hard wood doors. These come with reinforced locks and are extremely durable to many techniques and methods that burglars use and often they are fire resistant as well. You should avoid using glass sliding doors and similar things if possible.

Dummy Security Cameras

 Studies show that fake security cameras are extremely effective at improving your chances to not get burglarized. The fact that many burglaries go wrong due to video evidence gathered by hidden or professional security cameras means that most burglars will avoid these houses. Those who work in teams, however, will not be frighted so easily by a single camera. If you cannot afford professional security and surveillance services then at least consider installing these small, easy-to-mount dummy cameras as they cost very little and can make all the difference.

Dummy (fake) cameras, such as the ones on the photo, look so realistic because they are the same cases used by real, fully-functional security cams. Due to this they look really authentic and will endure the elements - storms, rain and snow - fairly well if placed outside.

Do-It-Yourself Alarm System

When it comes to come protection and burglary protection no doubt one would think that an alarm is a very powerful device to protect the premises. This is only half true as a loud alarm will only scare of those burglars that are not fully prepared to risk everything. Most of the time the alarm will only make burglars try to get what they can and leave as soon as possible. However, this in itself can be a blessing as it allows for a lot of "damage control" and cuts your losses.

But there is another side to do-it-yourself alarm systems that many people don't realize. What do I mean? Well, you can buy several simple security alarms online for $50 and wire all possible entry points. The alarm will surely wake you up and alert your attention if you are at home which allows you to personally react. Engaging a burglar is never something recommended and you should certainly call the police right away.

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