Friday, September 5, 2014

Product Spotlight: Stun Master Pen Stun Gun (Rechargeable Battery Included)

On Tuesday we did a quick little product spotlight on the "Pink Lightning", a very portable (yet powerful) stun pen from Streetwise. Now it's a turn for Stun Master to get its own product spotlight for a very similar product. I am obviously talking about the Stun Master Rechargeable Pen Stun Gun, a device that's small on the outside, but delivers a very strong jolt shock. The estimated power of the electrical current that this product can produce is around 1.2 million volts!

Regardless of the attackers size or their physical strength, a zap that last a few seconds will surly disorientate them and give you enough to time to take further action – get help, call the police, run to safety etc. While this voltage is powerful and will cause pain, it’s not lethal nor does it leave any sort of permanent physical damage. Another thing you should worry about is zapping yourself, this can’t happen! Even if your bodies make contact the current will not flow through you. Also, the stun gun won’t ever fire on it’s own, as there is a safety cap and a switch to prevent that.

 So how does one use the Stun Master Stun Pen to defend oneself? Well it’s rather simple, remove the cap and hold the electrodes on the tip of the gun against the attacker, then just press and hold the fire button. Just the loud sound of the electrical current might be enough to scare off the assailant.

 This stun gun also comes with a nice LED flashlight which is rather bright and doesn't consume too much of the battery. It’s a useful tool you should have in any situation. Since it’s disguises as a pen, it’s also around the same size, so this means it’s easy to carry, very portable and can fit in your pocket, bag, purse, around your belt etc. It also has built-in integrated rechargeable batteries and comes with a charger, this will safe you a lot of money on buying batteries and is a great offer!

Stun Master's Pen Stun Gun Features Overview:

  • A powerful 1.2 million volts stun gun
  • Easy to carry, very portable and easy to disguise as a regular pen
  • Safety cap and trigger switch to prevent accidental discharge
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries and a free charger
  • A built-in, easy to use LED flashlight

 The product will also include a free nylon holster with a belt loop, so hurry up and visit the product page to get your's today!

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