Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tripe Action Pepper Spray from MACE

If you are often going outdoors at night or early morning and performing activities such as walking, running, jogging or taking your pet for a walk, then perhaps you might feel a bit scared when you cross through certain areas of your neighborhood. Night time and early morning can be especially dangerous especially if you going through area with bad lighting and too much vegetation to cover your view of the surroundings. So, how can you assure your safety? Is there anything that could provide you with actual security as well as peace of mind? There are quite a few products in our store, but today we'd like to talk about a special pepper spray product from Mace.

For those reasons and many other that you might have been going through your head, you might be in the need of the Mace Triple Action Personal which is a great pepper spray device that fits our modern lifestyle perfectly. It is a compact and easy to use canister which will fit in your pocket, bag or purse easily and will be available to you at all times as long as you don't lose track of it. There is also a belt clip option and a velcro attachment feature that you can use to obtain quick access.

 Here are just some of the features of the Mace Triple Action Personal pepper spray:

  • Uses a carefully chosen formula of Oleoresin Capsicum that causes the eyes to swell and slam shut as well as to bring a lot of pain and chocking to the person that who attacked you.
  • Comes with a flip-top, safety-cap and comfortable finger grip for easy use.
  • The included keychain make it easy to carry the canister close to you.
  • The CN tear gas function as good as any other on the market. It causes profuse watering of the eyes as well as disorientation and headaches.
  • The special UV dye used in the formula allow you to easily identity the attacker once the police bring him or her inside for a line up. The invisible dye will stay on the person for at least an entire day and UV lights will quickly show that the person has been exposed to the special pepper spray.

 The Triple Action Personal is one of the most interesting products that Mace has to offer and it certainly bring in a lot of new features into the market. The 18 gram stream unit sprays 8-12 feet. Contains 10, one second bursts.

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