Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pepper Spray for Runners and Joggers - Stay Safe At Every Corner!

 Personally, running is my favorite hobby and I like to start just before the break of dawn when it is still dark outside. A lot of times though, I also run during the evening and it can be a bit scary so there are a lot of places I try to avoid. However, being a male it often comes to my attention that I am a less likely target and that women have a lot more to be afraid of when they go out to jog or run.

Pepper Spray for Joggers and Runners

 My best way to help my friends who are afraid of going out alone to walk their dog (or simply burn some calories by jogging) was to provide them my companionship, but I realize this is not always possible. While the best method of staying safe in such a situation is being with people you know and trust, you still need to be prepared for those horrible scenarios.

 Self-defense devices are very difficult to carry around when you are out running, but nowadays there are a lot of pepper spray devices that can fit perfectly in your pocket or hands. They are inexpensive and there is really no reason for you not to get one. 

How Does It Work?

 The brands we often recommend are Streetwise and MACE and their quality and reputation are certainly unmatched in the industry. There a lot of different products available but they mostly vary in their size, design and capacity. The core formula stays pretty much the same inside all of these products due to the fact that has been proven to be very successful and effective.

 The core formula of pepper spray is (no surprise) derived from chili peppers and this substance is called capsaicin. However, why extract it from your regular peppers, when you could get it from Cayenne peppers. What’s the difference? Well, they are the hottest chili peppers in the world and have been proven to be by far the most effective.

 The powerful formula has the goal of causing the target to become temporary incapacitated that which will stop the attacker from advancing any further. This window of opportunity should be used to contact help and get to safety. The effects of pepper spray include skin irritation, the swelling of the eyes and mucous membranes as well causing problems with the upper respiratory tract. This makes it harder for the target to breath and causes a lot of coughing.

Preventing Accidents

 As with any product accidents can happen and you should know how to prevent them. First of all, replace your pepper spray every three years as this is the recommended life expectancy of the device. Second, never try to open the canister as you can do some serious damage to yourself or the people around you. In case you accidentally get some pepper spray on yourself or another person here are some of things you should do: remove contact lenses, don’t rub the eyes, wash your face with soap and cold water and do not cover the eyes with bandages or clothing, instead let them be exposed to the air.

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