Friday, October 3, 2014

Portable Self-Defense Gadgets for Women

Yesterday, we talked about the stylish Perfume Pepper Spray which we think that every lady should have in her purse.e Today, we will expand the list by introducing you to a set of small, portable self-defense products and gadgets that are quite popular among women. These lightweight products are high quality devices that will actually improve your personal security and make you feel a lot safer. Their special, common characteristic is that they are discreet and easy to carry around, thus nobody will really know you actually have them. This also gives you a good element of surprise in case your attacker wasn't expecting you to shock them with a powerful stun gun the size of a key-chain or pierce their ears with a powerful electronic alarm!

A Powerful Whistle Alarm!

 The first item on our list is the Electronic Pocket Whistle which is no larger than a standard key-chain and will provide you will a versatile pocket alarm device at a very affordable price. It can emit a noise of 120 dB which will certainly draw attention of nearby citizens to your location in case you get attack. It can also scare off quite a few attackers, especially thieves who just wanted to get their hands on your purse or wallet. It is also a great too for hikers and nature adventurists in case they get lost in the wild. The powerful whistle can be used to help navigate the rescue team to their location.

Lipstick & Perfume

 Lipstick and perfume go great together and they are often some of the items women carry around in their bags. We already talked about the Streetwise Perfume Pepper Spray and you can check that link to learn more about the powerful pepper spray that is hidden inside of the small perfume container bottle. Today on our list however, we would also like to include the often overlooked Lipstick Stun Gun! It a powerful device that can certainly bring an attacker to their knees if a long enough shock is done. It comes with 950,000 volts of power and is one of the most powerful stun guns of its size. It provides professional, discreet protection to any lady and fits easily in any purse, pocket etc.

Key-chain personal alarm with lights

 One should always have an extra light source ready at hand for a whole array of the different situations. You don't want to be exposed for to long in the dark while you search for your car keys, right? The portable Key-chain Personal Alarm comes with its own light source and a very loud alarm. For the price of $9.99 you will hardly ever find a better package!

 This portable device almost completely eliminated the need to carry a flashlight with you and provides you with the ability to detect as well as prevent crime with its powerful alarm.

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