Monday, October 6, 2014

Safety for Women When Travelling Alone

Obviously women to travel just as much as men (especially for business), yet statistics show that women are far more likely to be targets of many different criminals who think them to be easy pray. From burglary to sexual assault - the statics tell a very depressing story about society. But, we hope that you won't just remember this fact and live in fear because of it. Instead, we'd much rather have you fight back and learn how to protect yourself. There is a lot that you can do - from owning a self-defense product to learning basics of street combat and we are here to try and guide you through this process.

In case you are traveling within your own country/city, you have the most chances of preventing any dangerous events. However, we are often very tired, especially when we are coming home from work, and we fail to think and react. Dark streets, isolated parking lots, poorly lit parking garages - you've seen how dangerous these can be in movies, and let us assure you that it isn't much different in daily life. You must never let your guard down and you should always have some sort of plan ready and in action whenever your instinct tells you that something bad might happen.

A lot of women in the USA use personal protection products and always carry them around with them, and this is probably the best advice you can get. Buying pepper spray and/or a stun gun will provide you with the means to defend yourself and fight! But, there is more to self-defense than just owning a useful device. Without knowledge and proper training even the best tools are completely useless. Thus, it would be smart to enroll in a safety course to train your body and mind as well as learn how to use pepper spray and ward off attackers. It is understandable that you might not have the time for this, but it something that you should certainly consider. At the very least schedule some private classes to get some basics down and learn what you can practice at home.

But, what about traveling outside of your own safe zone? This means outside of your city, your country, even your continent? The problem here is that your devices might become useless as they might get you into more trouble than they are worth. If you are from the USA, than traveling between States with a pepper spray canister that you legally bought will not get you into any trouble, but what about going to Europe for example? For starters, you will never get these devices onto a plane and even if they did these products might be illegal in the country where you are heading so you might get into a lot of trouble over there as well.

 Your best defense here is to use your head to get out of trouble in the first place. This means all of the usual - avoid crowds, don't talk to strangers, keep your valuables safe, walk proudly with your chin up, keep your purse next to your body etc. If you would feel a lot more safer with a gadget by your side, then consider getting a personal alarm as this is probably the only personal protection item that you will be able to bring with you while traveling such long distances.

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