Monday, October 27, 2014

The Surprising Truth About Dummy Security Cameras

There was a brief moment in 2008 when home burglary dropped by a fairly significant amount, but currently the reality of things is a lot different. The economy crisis is just one of the factors that have produced more crime, and home burglary is one of the side-products of the whole situation. A typical home burglary will set you back for around $3,000 without the price of fixing broken windows or electronic devices. Furthermore, some burglars are known for also being aggressive and they can put the life of you and your family in danger just to get what they want. Who or what can protect your home? 

While the police do their job as best as they can, a burglary is too dynamic and unpredictable and as such you can’t really expect them to prevent it. As far as solving these cases, only 15% of residential burglaries will get solved and even then some of the stolen things may not be returned to their rightful owner as they have already been sold, pawned or passed on. 

We have published numerous articles talking about home security and personal safety and you can see them all on our blog which we certainly advise that you do (here's the link!) Anyway, this article will be dedicated to fake security cameras as a means to preventing home burglary. Usually, these are just one of the security methods you would use for your home, but they are a good place to start as any, especially if you cannot afford expensive security systems and home monitoring services. A lot of people will also argue that a dummy security camera is better than a functional alarm system. This is something that's not easy to agree with, but there is a valid point to be made. With a fake camera, burglars cannot tell that it does not actually work and they will be discouraged from targeting your home. 

As for alarm systems, they won’t know you have one in the first place so they will try to break-in and the loud siren/alarm may not be enough to prevent them from grabbing a thing or two before they bash your windows and doors to quickly get out. Of course this is just how some people see it and an actually study has never been conducted. 

Are Fake Cameras Effective? Why? 

So far we have no reason not to think that fake security cameras are effective at helping prevent home burglary. Obviously the fact that homes with these devices have not been burglarized is not sufficient proof, yet statistically it means a lot. In fact, over the past years of working in this field we have realized that a home with no security measures is three times more likely to be burglarized than a home with something as cheap as a well-positioned dummy camera. So what is the big deal here anyway? Well, these products are created from the cases and parts of real security cameras and this is true reason behind why they appear as the real thing.

A home that has several of these looks like a fortress in the eyes of thieves and presents itself as a very a high risk target. As you may have guessed by now, most dummy cameras are meant to be used in an open-air outdoor environment, but certain models have been crafted for small businesses that would like to keep a few in their office. All of the outdoor models have heavy metal cases and will stand strong against the elements such as the wind, rain and cold. 

The final, but certainly the most interesting feature of these cameras is their rotating LED light which moves the camera around based on detected motion or in a random interval and random pattern if a motion detector is not present. Along with the movement of the camera, a bright LED light will blink in order to scare of burglars and vandals who mean you or your premises harm.

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