Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dummy Security Camera with Authentic Motion Detection

Dummy security cameras are an established product in the home security industry as they allow people who cannot afford (or don't wish to get) professional surveillance services to have a similar method of protection for a very affordable price. These cameras are quite inexpensive and our favorite - Dummy Cam with Motion Detection - costs only $32.49! Aside from just looking like an actual security camera this device also has a small flashing LED light and it will also pan back and forth each time it detects motion.

It is a very simple system, but usually it costs a lot more to get something that works as good as this. One can mount several of these cameras around their yard and you can be sure that they will look quite real to any house burglars who might be targeting your home. Their general philosophy is to target a house that looks like an easy target and whose owners are currently not home. Having a simple pair of dummy security cameras will make them think twice and drastically decrease the risk.

Dummy Security Camera With Motion Detector
Product photo
 Dummy cameras like these are best used in the following location:
  • The Office
  • Small businesses and/or shops
  • Outdoors/ in the front and back yard
  • Bars and clubs
  • Indoor security
  • Outside of shops, parking lots etc
  There is no wiring need for the dummy camera to be function. Its motion sensors and LED light is powered by two AA batteries which are not included. They do not consume a lot of energy so you don't really have to worry about replacing them very often. Along with the purchase of this product you will also receive a CCTV window sticker. It would a wise idea to also create and print a sticker of your own saying something such as "This property is protected by (Insert Name) Surveillance Company"

The devices has the dimensions which are exactly 9.75" by 5 .25" by 5.125". The installation and mounting is quite easy and well explained and all of the needed hardware is included. So, if you are interested head over to our store and buy one today!

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