Wednesday, November 5, 2014

SecureShot's Teddy Bear Hidden Nanny Cam Product Review

Looking for an interesting nanny cam to have some control over how your babysitter or nanny is doing their job while you are away? We might have just the solution for you and it comes from a reliable brand we have been promoting for some time via our online shop. Of course I am talking about SecureShot and their adorable and highly effective Teddy Bear Hidden Camera

This is a brilliant thermal-motion-activated nanny camera that is battery powered and able to produce brilliant HD video. It can record up to 20 hours on  single charge which is more than enough for anyone's needs. There are no power cords required for the Teddy Bear Hidden Camera to operate. It i also portable and easy to carry around. It is only 10 inches tall and 5 inches wide which doesn't make it suspicious either.

Thanks to the copyrighted micro PIR motion activation system technology there is no battery drain while the device is on standby. Once the sensor detect body heat up to 30 feet away the recording begins. All the video is recorded onto the hidden micro SD card which you can later pull out to review the video. There is no need to worry that someone might find the hidden camera or the SD card. As for the batteries they are rechargeable and offer 1 year of standby operation or 20 hours of recording on a single charge!

  • "No Battery Drain" Standby System
  • 1 Year Standby Battery Power
  • 20 Hours Recording Per Charge
  • 450 LOR HI Res Color Sony CCD
  • PIR Motion Activation
  • Time/Date Stamp

 A 4GB SD Card, all the needed cables, a remote control and n instruction manual are included with your purchase of the Teddy Bear Hidden Camera!

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