Monday, November 3, 2014

Self Defense Advice & Tips: How to Prepare Your Body and Mind?

You've probably heard the saying  "Order, hard work, discipline" - and you might even know where it comes from. Members of the Special Forces are an elite group of soldiers that are trained to be ready for anything. They aren't just physically strong and skilled with a selected weapon, but their mind is sharp and mentally prepared to deal with anything. Most of us lack this type of disciple and skill, but it doesn't mean we can't learn how to prepare are mind and body for the worst scenario. This article is intended to guide you through the basics of self-defense: how to be prepared and how practice. If you're short on time, then don't worry these training methods won't interfere with your daily lifestyle. So, are you ready to get started?

Self-defense courses are obviously recommended, but if you don't have the time then that's okay too, we'll guide you through all the steps via this article!
We can all probably agree that the introduction to this article was pretty well-worded, but not the best at explaining why this is topic is so important. As such, let's address this issue for a moment. Imagine that you've bought some pepper spray or a stun gun via our online store. You've received no real training, you've not tinkered with it and you've never thought about how you'd defend yourself with it. Tell me do you think you'd be ready to combat an attacker in a dangerous situation? I'm going to guess not, but - again - that's fine because we all have to start somewhere.

Staying Fit and Preparing Your Body

You don't have to be slim or muscular to be ready for self defense. The devices that we sell in our online store are the "muscle" behind your self-defense strategy. Pepper spray can completely disable an attacker from a medium range and give you enough time to escape. On the other hand, stun gun devices are ideal at tackling enemies who manage to get into close range. However, you should still consider being in good shape and staying fit.

The easiest way to keep good shape is to simply include some exercise in your daily lifestyle as well as a balanced, healthy diet plan. In terms of exercise, it's really enough to just find a daily hobby that will help you break a sweat. Running, jogging and riding a bicycle in the morning is a great example of this. You can finish off the session by doing some push-ups, and squats, followed by a hot shower.

Doing this every few days will help you stay fit and ready for just about anything. Many have a problem organizing their work and leisure time and thus they give up on exercising. With some careful planning and dedication you can avoid this sort of mistake. The other issue is dieting and this seems to be a problem across the world. We have become very reliant on unhealthy food, however, there are ways around it. We found a blog containing a list of diets that work great and hopefully you'll fine an easy, long-term diet that fits your lifestyle. If not, then just try to avoid processed sugar and junk food, you'll notice good changes happening to your body.

How to Prepare the Mind?

We complain how it is difficult to exercise and diet, but imagine if preparing your mind was that simple and easy? Unfortunately it isn't and it is hard to say if one could ever prepare their mind to handle a difficult situation. As such it is important to remember that self-defense products cannot protect you if your paralyzed in shock and you give up on everything. The best way to prepare the mind and body at the same time is to either enroll in a self-defense course or to start practicing martial arts. The second option is much more time consuming, but there is no excuse not to choose the first one. Women should especially consider these courses as they will help them learn how to defend themselves in various situations.

If you planning on purchasing a stun gun or pepper spray in order to protect yourself, you will also need to be mentally fit to handle everything and keep it together. Situation that require self-defense are very stressful and it is easy to keep your cool. This can result in you not using your personal protection product in a proper way, which will be bad news and can get you killed!

Martial arts, regular meditation, self-defense courses and regular practice with your device of choice can greatly help you prepare for the first scenario. If you know what to do and you can keep your head together, then there is no need to worry - you will be fine. But learning how to do this, as we mentioned already, takes a lot hard work. However, if you try hard enough - you are going to be rewarded.

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