Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Survival Pal: Professional Survival Gear for Any Emergency

If you are a hiker, camper or would like to generally keep a pack of essential survival gear ready in case the worst happens, then Survival Pal is a brilliant solution for you. What is the Survival Pal and what is its purpose? Well it is a professional survival kit which was created by experts. The content of the kit is kept inside of a compact, portable cooler bag and one Survival Pal is meant to store enough supplies and equipment for one person. However, considering that one of these kits costs only $45 it is very affordable to stack-up on a few of these for your family. The bag itself is waterproof and has an adjustable shoulder strap, tie-down cords on the top and a reflector stripe on the back. The bag has the words "Survival Kit" written on it on large, bold font so it is impossible to miss it!

Survival Pal - Professional Survival Gear At Low Cost

 What does the Survival Pal kit include? How was it designed? The primary idea behind the kit is to first and foremost provide you with and water. Since it is hard to actually find food which can sit on shelf for several years while not wasting too much space, the creators of the kit have opted for energy food bars. As for water, they have included water purification tablets.

Food and Water:
  • 3 Boxes of Aqua Blox Water Boxes - twice the amount of water as leading suppliers
  • 6 - 400 Calorie Food Bars
  • 10 Water Purification Tablets - each tablet purifies 1 liter of water

The next challenge is to try and provide some form of shelter. Since there isn't enough space for a portable tent, you will have to find an alternative location. However, sleeping bags are included.

Shelter and Warmth:
  • Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag - Recommended over common "space blankets."
  • Emergency Poncho with Hood

As for contacting help and providing light, the following tools are included in the Survival Pal:
  • Rechargeable Squeeze Flashlight - 3 LED flashlight which generates and stores power by squeezing the handle (NO BATTERIES NEEDED)
  • Mini Scan Radio with Headphones and Batteries
  • 5-in-1 Survival Whistle
  • Box of 50 Waterproof Matches

Another important element of any survival kit are medicine and supplies for treating injuries. In this department the Survival Pal survival kit has the following gear: 42 Piece Pocket First Aid Kit - contains 42 pieces - 10 spot bandages, 10 sheer junior,5 sheer medium, 5 sheer strips, 2 antibacterial, 3 clear strips, 2 fabric strips, 1 extra large, 2 alcohol pads, and 2 gauze pads

 Other elements:
  • N95 Respirator Dust Mask
  • 3 Tempo Pocket Tissue Packs
  • 3 Wet Wipes for Hygiene
  • Deck of playing cards for entertainment

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