Sunday, November 2, 2014

These Self-defense Devices Look Like Regular Lipstick - But Look Again!

 Personal security products and devices come in a lot of interesting shapes, designs and covert disguises. The basic idea behind this is that it will allow you to conceal your self-defense weapon from attackers and give you an element of surprise. 

 When talking about personal security for women lipstick is certainly one of the best shapes to use a canister for pepper spray. The tubular design also allows for the creation of a mini stun gun and there are a lot of amazing concepts around this idea. In this post we will be looking at the top three lipstick-inspired personal security products and comparing their features. All of these items are inexpensive, powerful and come with free shipping which makes them a bust-buy and a great gift as well!

Lipstick Pepper Spray

 The Lipstick Pepper Spray is available for as low as $12.49 via our website shop. Why should it attract your attention? You mean aside from the fact that this pepper spray canister has one of the most powerful pepper spray formulas that used by thee company? Well, alright, I will try to convince you further! This brilliant device comes in a stylish container of different possible colors (blue, silver, red, black and pink) and fits in your purse or even your pocket.

 It feels natural in just about any environment as it is a common sight for a lady to have along with her. It contains 5 one second burst and has an optimal range of up to 6 feet. The range isn't as big as with larger pepper spray devices, but it is still a distance that is good enough for you to feel safe. Since it is a small contains and doesn't come with some many bursts, it might be wise to buy two canisters and carry them around together, just in case.

Streetwise Lipstick Stun Gun (1,000,000 Volts of Power!)

 This compact device prides itself for being so small, yet very powerful. It cannot produce the amperage of devices with larger power sources and batteries, but it can stun the target long enough for you to flee to safety. At first glance the Streetwise Lipstick Stun Gun looks like a simple lipstick or perfume container which makes it covert and easy to smuggle in and carry with you to parties or other events where you have to be searched. In a nightclub where drunk abusive men can be a problem, a single shock is enough to shake off the more persistent and aggressive ones that don't quite frankly make you feel secure.

The device even comes with a small built in LED flashlight for the times when you need some light at night. You can even attach it to a key-chain and since it is rechargeable and we include the charging cord, you won't have to waste money on batteries. For a price of $32.99 you can be sure that this device is well worth it! This Streetwise product comes with a lifetime guaranty of course.

The Lipstick Stun Gun and LED Flashlight

 For a price of $29.89 you can buy this lipstick stun gun as well in case you find it more suiting to you than the Streetwise product. Personally, we believe that it looks a lot more covert and resembles a lipstick container far better than the one above. It has a smaller voltage, but packs about the same amperage which means it can perform on the same level. It also comes with 2 very bright LED lights which allows it to function as a very strong flashlight.

 In fact you could probably use the light itself to distract an attacker if you made your move quickly. It also rechargeable which is another economical advantage. But one of the best features it has is certainly the safety pin. When you use it, wrap it around your wrist, and if the device is taken away from you, nobody will be able to use it as the pin that holds the electrical circuit will be out of the device. 

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