Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Season Prepping: Best Gifts for Her (Part 6)

After a short break from this "holiday special", we're back with part six of our "gifts for her" series. Since the holidays are very close this will be the last article in this series and it will focus on the Streetwise Lipstick Stun Gun We chose to finish the series with this device because it is probably the most powerful stun gun of its size. Along with that it is one of the most portable mini stun guns in the world and is certainly worth having a look at. Although it is a miniature stun gun it can still produce a high voltage shock which can stun even the most aggressive attackers. Due to its small size it is very compact and extremely easy to carry around!

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Streetwise Lipstick Stun Gun
 Do not allow its small size to fool you though as this device is capable of producing a strong electrical current and high voltage that can repel attackers and keep the user safe. The device can produce an estimated voltage of 1 million volts which the attacker will not even guess are coming his way. The Lipstick Stun Gun from Streetwise is portable and easy to carry and you can even keep it in your pocket or even attach it as a key chain.

 The Lipstick Stun Gun from Streetwise is also quite affordable and if you order it by the end of December we will include free shipping as well! The device is fully rechargeable and you will receive all the needed equipment (the built-in battery and the charging cord). It is recommended that you charge the device before you go out every day in order to assure that it is fully charged and will not fail you in the middle of a dangerous situation. It also works as a mini flashlight that has one bright LED light which can help you get around in dark areas or help you while you are searching for something (your keys on the parking lot for example). 

The device measures 4 inches in length and one inch in diameter which gives it a perfect disguise.

In case you missed our earlier posts in the series, here are the links:

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