Monday, December 1, 2014

Mini Magnetic Contact Alarm - An Affordable Home Security Solution

Are you looking for an affordable alarm system solution for your office or home? Complex wired systems can be very expensive and can take a lot of time to install. If you have a smaller premises that you want to secure then a pack of Mini Magnetic Contact Alarms is probably enough for your needs. These affordable devices are only two and half inches long and are a very economical solution to setting up an alarm on your doors and windows. While the shop or office you are securing is open for businessmen the alarm can still be active but set to chime mode to alert you of new visitors, clients and guests to your premises. We offer a pack of 4 mini magnetic contact alarms with chime in our webstore so be sure to check that out!

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 So how do these Mini Magnetic Contact Alarms with Chime work exactly? Well, the technology used is a series of magnetic sensors which detect the opening of the window or doors they are placed on. They will start a shattering 90dB alarm or the soft chime depending on their settings once they lose contact with each other. The alarm will alert you or others for a force entry or inform you of guests or clients who are coming in. If you don't want the alarm to be activated once you open the door/window just switch the device off before proceeding.

 You can also use this brilliant alarm system to secure cabinets of medicine and chemical supplies from your children or things such as cash registers at work. There is really no limits on how you can use these magnetic contact alarms and since a pack of 4 units costs only $17.95 you can easily stack up on a couple of packs of these devices to completely secure your premises!

 Batteries are included with your purchase!

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