Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Product Review - The Low-Light Outdoor Bullet Camera

Outdoor surveillance can be an expensive investment but it is certainly worth every penny. It doesn't matter if you are securing a business or your home, the technology is the same and the basic concepts always apply. Your task is to cover all choke points and entry locations. Since this requires several cameras it is no wonder that the cost adds up and this is why a lot of people can't afford it. Still, we try to provide as many affordable products as possible to our loyal consumers and the  Low Light, Outdoor Bullet Camera is really worth its price! We have been selling this model for a long time now and have received many positive opinions and reviews from those who bought it. So, what makes this outdoor camera special?

Well, variety is one of the first things that one could say about this devices.  There are so many ways to use the Low Light, Outdoor Bullet Camera as it is very prone to customization and adaptable to many different needs you may have. It works great for both indoors and outdoors and even performs excellently in area that are low on light (or at night for example).

 The camera is fully wireless, though you can use it as a wired devices as well. The choice of which mode works best for you depends mostly on your needs and preferences. You can use it to monitor your maid, babysitter or workers when you are not at home or your employees in the office. You can place it near the exist of your shop to spot shoplifters and thieves or near certain key location of your bar or club. It can also be used to monitor the parking lot or other key areas of the premises which you are securing.

 If you plant to use the Low Lights, Outdoor Bullet Camera to protect your home from intruders, vandals, burglars or thieves then there are several main locations to consider placing your camera at. Statistics show that most home intruders come through:
  • The back door
  • The backyard
  • The garage door
  • The first floor window
  • The front door
 As for the models, there are a total of 4 possible combinations of this camera that you can buy:
  1. Black and white (BC-113W) Weatherproof Wired Camera with Plug & Play - $89.00
  2. Black and white (BC-113G) Weatherproof Wireless 2.4Ghz B/W Camera with FREE 2.4 GHz Receiver - $230.00
  3. Color (BC-113WC) Weatherproof Wired Camera with Plug & Play - $118.00
  4. Color (BC-113GC) Weatherproof Wireless 2.4Ghz Color Camera with FREE 2.4 GHz Receiver - $264.00
As you can see, all our wireless models come with a free 2.4 GHz receiver which is a splendid offer!

Technical info:
  • Image Sensor: 1/3” CCD (B&W), 1/4" Color Interline CCD (Color)
  • Resolution: 380 TV Lines
  • Min. Illumination: .5 Lux/F1.2 (B&W), 1 Lux/F1.2 (Color)
  • Lens: 3.6mm, Micro lens
  • Power Required: 12V DC ± 10%
  • Current Consumption: 200mA Max

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