Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Peak at the Technology Behind Hidden Camera Devices

We take a lot of granted these days and this often leads us to bad decisions or inaccurate conclusions. Hidden cameras are a very interesting questions in the field of personal security and privacy, but today we will not be discussing any particular product. Instead, this article will try to provide you with good information regarding the technology behind most of the hidden cameras you can find on the market.

They are getting smaller and smaller!

The hardware and the sensors that the hidden cameras are made from are getting smaller and smaller, this in turn means that the cameras themselves are getting even smaller as well. Simple logic, right? However, this doesn't mean that their covert casings need to be small. For example, today's SecureShot Book Hidden Camera is a lot more covert than any previous hidden cameras that tried to use a book as their main disguise. The books themselves are the same size, but the actual camera is a lot smaller and nobody will really see the lens.

What this means is that you don't really to concern yourself with someone noticing the actual camera. However, people will notice objects that are out of place and they might get suspicious. For example, if you placed that hidden cam that was inside of a book on a bookshelf where it belonged, the device would totally blend with the background. Thus, the lesson here is simple: think about the location before you purchase the cameras itself!

Electrical Power and Motion Detectors

At their early stages, hidden cameras either required some sort of power connected to them or they need batteries which they would drain rather quickly. A lot of covert designs still allow for cameras that can be plugged into a power source, but this is quickly becoming outdated. Not because it a bad idea, but because it is too limiting and static. Instead, the cameras got smarter and more efficient and they don't really drain their battery that fast.

Thanks to motion detection nanny cams can even further preserve their battery power. This is because the camera will be turned off and stop its recording until motion is detected. This is a great model and a very useful feature. Why should you watch boring content where nothing is happening? Thanks to this, the camera will film only while someone is actually in the field of view. Of course, you can overwrite this option and turn it off if you need to make a constant video.

Video Storage

Modern technology started with a 14Kb operating system and a computer that has 128kb of memory storage. But since then, you could say we really too things up a notch. We traveled a long way from floppy discs, CDs and DVDs to USB drives and finally - the cloud! While not many hidden cameras use wireless technology and connect to the cloud, all of them use a small USB drive to store video. You can just plug it into your computer, Smart TV or other media box and review your video content there.

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