Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Car Safety Kit - Always Be Ready on the Road!

A driver should always have a car safety kit in case anything bad should happen on the road. Fortunately, accidents and human error doesn't happen so often, but it still does happen more often than it should. If it should happen to you then a small (and affordable) safety kit will make all the difference! So what exactly is a car safety kit one might ask? Well, let us go over all of the supplies you will be needing to make your own as well as some pre-arranged commercial solutions that you could get as long as they fit your needs.

Summer Or Winter - The Niche Pick

The safety kit you will be creating for car depends greatly on the time of year. Ideally, you will get both and just carry the one you need which is the optimal solution. Generally, the winter safety kit will be a lot more demanding in terms of the things you need to have as well as the budget you will need to invest. Thus we are starting this list of with a niche pick - what you should have during the winter!

Car Safety Kit

Here are some of the most important components:

  • A portable/folding snow shovel
  • An extra pair of blankets to keep you warm
  • A battery-operated warming pad which can give you extra warmth
  • A very bright, rotating LED distress sign

Both for the summer and winter safety kit you should also include a safety vest, basic tools (such as a utility knife), car repair tools, a flat tire fixer as well as some extra food and water. During the summer you'd want to have quite a lot of water ready if you are going on a long trip since dehydration can mean death at the wheel.

A First Aid Kit - A Must!

A first aid kit is certainly a must-have for any driver! Even if you choose to ignore the rest of the advice we give you in this article, we urge you to invest money into a proper medical kit as this can save lives. Here are some of the items that we recommend you place in your first aid kit:

  • Lots of adhesive bandages of various sizes
  • Some butterfly closure bandages
  • Some cotton tip applicators
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Burn and antibacterial ointment
  • Alcohol Prep Pads and antiseptic towelettes
  • Non-aspirin, antacid and aspirin tablets
  • A pocket mask, tweezers and sheers
  • If you or someone traveling with you are taking any medication than you should bring enough to last you through any emergencies

Taking a first aid course is the responsibility of all drivers and if your knowledge isn't so good on the subject then you should certainly consider enrolling in another course to improve on your skills.

General Tools

 Tools are of course very valuable in dangerous situations and it is great to have plenty of them at your disposal. Aside from the medical tools we listed above you could use some technical devices/tools as well. These should be a flashlight, an extra phone battery (or an extra phone for that matter - like and old Nokia!), a utility knife, a screwdriver and anything else that you might see as important and useful.

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 Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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