Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Small Spotlight Hidden Camera (Built-in DVR)

The Spotlight Hidden Camera is a brilliant device for outdoor surveillance which is its primary purpose. The device features a built-in DVR and uses a 2.0 mega pixel color digital camera to capture time and date stamped video. The Small Spotlight Hidden Camera will only record video once motion has been detected, once detected the 80 LED spotlight automatically turns on! The devices has a 8 GB micro SD Card included and this can hold about 5 hours of video footage.
Small Spotlight Hidden Camera (Built-in DVR)

 This is a plug-in device which means that you will have to keep it plugged into a power source in order to have it work. A standard outlet will suffice for this purpose. As for the Small Spotlight Hidden Camera itself, the installation is easy and all the needed hardware is included. Considering that it provides professional outdoor security, the price of $198.99 for this product is very affordable.

 Devices features:
  • Motion Activated Camera/Security light
  • Auto Lighting and motion detection
  • Auto overwrite when the memory is full
  • 24 hour Standby

Specifications: Image sensor= 2.0 mega pixel color, Memory= Support Max 32 GB SD Card, Digital Video Capture - 640 × 480 pixel, View Angle = 120°, USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 compatible, Detection= PIR Auto-detection-Auto light on, Recording Mode 10 second AVI video capture, Video Record Speed= 15 fps, AVI, Image resolution 640 × 480 pixels, DC 5 V/1A,View range 80 feet.

Dimensions: 6.9” × 4.9” × 3.25”

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