Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stun Master's "Camouflage" - A 3.5 Million Volt Stun Gun!

The Stun Master Camouflage is is a powerful tool in anyone's hands and it would be a mistake to underestimate the power that it can output. Aside from the 3.5 million volts of voltage that this device is able to produce, the Stun Master Camouflage comes with a built-in flashlight as well as a great visual design. The price tag is set at $34.95 and we offer free shipping on this product!
Camouflage Stun Master

Rechargeable batteries

 The Stun Master Camouflage uses rechargeable batteries and comes with the proper power adapter/charger so that you can always charge your device before you go out. This means you don't have to waste any money on buying additional batteries or accessories and everything you need to get started comes right out of the box! The device also has a built-in LED flashlight for extra utility.

 When the device comes to your doorstep it will be charged, but it won't have a lot of time left. It is recommended you charge it for 4 hours after you get it. The Stun Master Camouflage should also be recharged after you use any of its features or after a longer period of inactivity. The device doesn't have a reliable battery indicator so just charge it one a week if you are not using it LED light. If you are, however, often using the flashlight feature then make sure to charge it frequently. You want the Stun Master Camouflage to have enough power so that you can use it to protect yourself!

The dimensions are 5.125" x 1.375" x 1.125" - the size of a regular electric shaver. Thus, you can easily see that the Stun Master Camouflage is a portable device. It also very easy-to-use and is once more proof that Stun Master creates amazing personal security products!

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