Monday, January 26, 2015

USB Keychain Digital Voice Recorder

The USB Keychain Digital Voice Recorder is a great solution for those who need a voice recorder and soon enough we will show you what makes it so special! This is one of the more practical device you will find on the market as it doubles as a USB flash drive for storing any files you need and as a voice recording device. It is perfect for writers, journalists and business people who need to record some of their thoughts or conversations in order to review them later. Another useful thing is that you can carry files and documents on it which is probably a very important part of your daily routine.

Product photograph:
The USB Voice Recorder comes with 2GB of internal memory (not upgradeable) for up to an amazing 40 full hours of voice recording.

 You can record by simply switching off a button, later on you may review your recorded sound files by just connecting the USB flash to a computer. The 40 hours of maximum recording time that the device offers will be more than enough for anyone and you can just save the files on your computer and then delete them from the device to make room for more recordings.

The device is very compact and easy to carry!

 Surely you wondered about the batteries and the power supply while reading this. To make it simple, yes the USB Voice Recorder does use rechargeable batteries as a power supply. Their charging is easy as it is done by just simply connecting the device to a computer that is turned on.

The unit measures 2 and 1/2 inches by 3/4 inches by 1/4 inches.

*Please note that it is the responsibility of the customer to check all State, Local, and Federal Laws governing the use of audio recording devices before ordering and/or using hidden or covert audio recording equipment.

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