Thursday, February 26, 2015

Book Hidden Camera (Battery Powered)

 Custom-made hidden cameras from SecureShot are very special line of products in our webstore. Brilliant devices such as the SecureShot Book Hidden Camera are something that you will hardly find anywhere else on the Internet. This device is really one of the most a portable and covert hidden cameras that will certainly grant you vision in any part of your home where you would like to have surveillance while you are away. The technology behind the camera is the well-know micro PIR motion activation system that we talked about when we presented previous products from this brand. 

 The main thing to note in case you missed those posts is that these SecureShot hidden cameras only start recording once they detect body head up to 30 feet away. This prevents the camera from wasting memory on uneventful recordings and stops battery drain. The camera can produce high resolution (640 x 480) video recording which will be saved on a hidden SD card.

 While the device is battery powered, it should also be noted that the Hidden Camera Book by SecureShot uses rechargeable high capacity Li-ion batteries. Thanks to this the device is able to offer 1 full year of standby operation and over 20 hours of actual recording time per charge. As for the videos themselves, it is possible (and rather easy) to watch them via your TV directly from the unit (cables included), or the SD card can be removed from the hidden compartment and played right on your computer (recommended).

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