Monday, February 9, 2015

Double Trouble Stun Gun - Two Times the Power!

If you like unusual gadgets and devices and today's Double Trouble Stun Gun might be just down your alley. It's a product which has proven itself on the field and many claim it to be more effective than a lot of the popular, contemporary stun guns on the market today. Granted, this device has a higher price point at $69.95 (free shipping is included however) which means that a lot of people pass out on it. However, we believe that the device is certainly worth the price tag and we'll try to explain just why it is so.

The reasons isn't a powerful electrical current or increased voltage, but something we refer to in physics as potential and/or power. Thanks to the wider space between the contacts (as you can see on the image bellow) the voltage deals a much more powerful punch and the device packs quite a bit a kick. Most stun guns use around 1 to 2 inches in between the contact panels which is usually enough, but the Double Trouble Stun Gun has a 5 inch space between the contacts making it far more powerful than you can imagine!

 A blast that lasts for a couple of seconds is usually enough to completely confuse and scare off your opponent  A shock that lasts for longer than three seconds can even bring them to their knees and make them unable to move for a couple of minuets. Yes, the Double Trouble Stun Gun can certainly do this and its effectiveness is guaranteed! This is a great item for those jog or go for walks late at night, club bouncers and security and general self defense. It isn't the most compact device if you plan to put it in your pocket, but due to it fitting perfectly in anybody's hands it is rather portable and easy to carry and use.

 The rubber coating and the soft contour grip are what make holding on to the device so smooth and easy. The Double Trouble Stun Gun was made with the idea that it should fit anybody's grip and indeed it those, no matter how small or large your hands may be! Along with this, the stun gun carries a safety switch and comes with a free nylon carrying case!

Features of the Double Trouble Stun Gun:

  • Rubber Coated Soft Contour Grip to make it easy to hold and hang on to. 
  • Safety switch is on the top with a red LED on/off indicator to let you know if the stun gun is ready to fire. 
  • Uses two CR123A batteries (included). 
  • Hand strap and free Nylon Carrying Case with Belt Clip ($15.00 Value). 
  • Length: Only 6" long. 
  • Weighs just 6.9 oz. 

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