Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Better Home Security in 5 Simple Steps

Yesterday we talked about how the HomeSafe Security System can help your home security and allow you to protect your property as well as the well-being of your loved ones. However, today we will be looking at a much broader answer on how to improve your home's defenses. So, without further to do, here is a list of the top 5 steps that won't cost you much, but will help you drastically reduce the chance of being burglarized.

Step 1: Check the doors and locks

 If one of your doors sometimes doesn't close or lock properly then you need to contact a locksmith service and have someone inspect your installations. It is recommended to replace the locks every couple of years and it is sometimes a much better idea to do a full replacement than to have the locksmith do repairs of broken ones. The fees are not so expensive and you can do all the needed installations at a rather affordable price.

 It is also your obligation to check all the doors are locked shut and that all the windows on the ground floors are closed once you leave the house or go to sleep. Often burglars get in through a back door that was left unlocked or through a front door that had a lock that was already in dire need of repair or replacement.

Step 2: Get a Basic Alarm System

 There is really no longer any reason or excuse not to have a basic alarm system with motion detection. In fact most of these systems nowadays are very sophisticated and they even come with wireless data transfer. As mentioned before, just yesterday we talked about the HomeSafe Security System which is an affordable, yet very versatile and functional alarm system for personal security. Just imagine - you can now get a high quality system with multiple features for less than a $100! Depending on what your needs are and how large your property is you may have to get several of these basic alarm packages to secure your home though and this is obviously the major downfall of these products.

Step 3: The Power of a Community

 Your neighbors and nearby friends are people you should be comfortable to relay on when it comes to protecting your home from burglary, especially while you are away on a business trip or a holiday. During this time you should make sure you cancel your newspaper delivery and have a friend stop by to pick up your mail so that the burglars don't suspect that you are away. Have them come over and inspect your home from time to time to make sure everything is alright. You can also give them your keys and have them leave the lights and/or radio on during the evening. 

Step 4: Dummy Cameras 

 Telling the difference between a fake and a real camera isn't so easy, especially if you position it correctly and use the latest ones that have flashing LED lights and auto-rotation to make it look and move like a real camera. You can browse through our offer of dummy cameras and choose the ones you like best. These are rather affordable products so you will not be disappointed!
A groups of dummy cameras

Step 5: Control the Area

 One of the best things for a group of burglars are large shrubs and trees!  If shrubs and trees block the view of windows and doors then they will also provide burglars with a place to hide while they are trying to break into your home. You need to make sure nothing is blocking your line of sight nor the line of sight from those might be passing by. Installing motion activated lights and keeping the area well lit during the night is a huge bonus for preventing a home burglary.

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