Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Do You Know the Facts about Home Burglary?

Home burglary happens more often than we think and nobody is really surprised by the fact that a residential home is robbed every 18 seconds in the USA. However, a lot of people will still say that they aren't too worried: because, what are the chances? How, I will not talk too much about the math behind everything, but if you trust the FBI and their official statements then the chances are 1:3 that your home will be burglarized once in your lifetime. Those chances aren't very favorable, but the next statistic may be of interest to you. Namely, homes that have at least some form of security usually have a 1:9 chance which is much better.                            

So, when was the last time you invested in home security? Is probability on your side? Do you own a home safe or have a security alarm? Did you ever consider setting up security cameras or at least getting some self-defense devices? If your answer is no to all of these questions then you might want to reconsider where you currently stand.

Things You Probably Do Not Know

On average a burglar can be so bold as to spend up to 12 minutes inside a home and only 13% of residential burglaries get resolved by the police. Even if you case were to get resolved the chance of having all the stolen valuables returned to you is quite slim.

Burglars will mostly search for cash, valuables such as jewelry and portable home electronics that can fetch a high value. If they are working as a group they might even consider stealing larger items such as TVs. Either way, you will probably lose a total of $1500 worth of goods in a burglary. This doesn't count the sentimental value that a stolen item might have! Burglars are also known for their vandalism and they might needlessly cause a lot of damage that would cost you a lot to repair.

Here’s one last statistic from the Washington Post – most burglaries (over 60%) happen during the day, and 45% happen between 10 AM and 3 PM. While the night makes it very easy for burglars to run and hide, the daytime is actually ideal since nobody is around to stop them.

Three Simple Precautions

So first of all, you should know that burglars always search for homes that look like they won’t provide a lot of trouble. The easiest home to steal from would thus be a home without any inhabitants, a home that is currently unoccupied. When homeowners are away on a trip or vacation this is probably the ideal time for burglars to move in and this is why you shouldn't allow people to know this information. Canceling your newspaper delivery and asking someone to pick-up your mail is a good start if you are away. You could also get them to check-in on your home from time to time and turn on the lights during the evening. Be kind and expect to repay this favor in the future as well.

The second precaution supports the first one in a similar way. Generally, you do not want to make a burglar’s task easier for them. Get a strong lock, keep all your windows shut tight, and cut down shrubs in your yard. You don’t need to leave places where burglars could hide right in the open.

The final and third precaution is to actively work on preventing burglary by investing in home security. This can be expensive, so if you cannot afford it be sure to look at affordable alternative solutions such as DIY alarms and fake security cameras.

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