Monday, March 9, 2015

Giggle Bug - A Cute Child Locator

 Child locators are very useful devices and recommended to parents who often take their children to crowded or large, open areas. After all, somethings like this can happen to anyone: imagine you get spirited away for a second and the next you know - you can't locate your child! Now, granted, the youngster is probably just wondering and exploring somewhere near by or playing hide and seek with you. However, whose to say something worse hasn't happened? And surely you cannot avoid panic and going on frantic search! Oh, but now you can!

 This is all possible thanks to a child locator device called the Giggle Bug. It is locator device disguised in a very cleaver way too look like cute clip-on bug which is available in different colors.

But how does it work?

 As previously stated, all you need to do is clip the Giggle Bug onto the child's clothing and you are practically done! The second part of the unit is the transmitter which you will carry with yourself. In case the child is missing the adult can easily trigger the Giggle Bug by pressing the button on the hand-held unit (the transmitter which you get). The Giggle Bug will emit a loud, distinctive, but child-friendly “beep” until the child is located. To stop the noise, the adult needs to simply reset the device.

Tamper Resistant Safety Feature:

 Should the Giggle Bug become dislodged or is removed from the child’s clothing and the clip closes, the unit will “beep” and flash until the clip is opened and reattached.

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