Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Security Guard" Streetwise - A Rechargeable Stun Flashlight

Hybrid devices are currently the norm in the stun gun industry and this is a welcome feature on the market. These products no longer offer just a powerful electrical output for self-defense and instead they focus on providing additional benefits such as LED flashlights or perhaps even a loud personal alarm.

A good example of this is the Streetwise Security Guard Stun Flashlight and we'll dedicate today's article to this interesting products. It is one of the devices in our store that follows this idea and effectively combines a stun gun with the utility of a bright flashlight. It is a powerful device for security guards who have to patrol an area at night, but it also a great weapon for personal safety. We highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a peaceful walk in the evening or if you often have to take your pet out for a walk late at night.

Product photographs:
Bottom view of the Streetwise Security Guard Stun Gun with Flashlight 
Front view of the Streetwise Security Guard Stun Gun with Flashlight 

So how powerful is this Stun Flashlight by Streetwise? Will it give you the power to disable an attacker until authorities arrive and you can reach a safe zone? Of course! In fact, just test firing this device in thin air in front of you attackers will probably scare them off! As they see the pulsating electrical current and hear it snap they will probably thing twice before engaging you. This stun gun uses 4 million volts of power to achieve its efficiency and you can be sure that it will serve its purpose well. As for the flashlight, it contains three powerful LED lights that will provide you with a very bright, convenient source of light whenever you need it.

The Streetwise "Security Guard" is also fully rechargeable which means that you don't have to waste any money buying batteries. Just simply plug the device into a power outlet with the included cable and charge it. 

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