Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Triple Action Pepper Spray for Home from MACE

While alarms and cameras can help prevent home burglary or help the police catch the criminals, you still need a handy self-defense product at your disposal. Since burglars might be armed, it is bad idea to opt for a stun gun (which is a melee device) and a lot of people don't want (or can't have) real guns. The solution is to get several canisters of pepper spray and spread them around your home so that you have one handy on every floor.

The Triple Action Pepper Spray for Home is a product by Mace, a respectable brand in the self-defense industry. Their product is very unique and, in general, their Triple Action series has proven to be very effective. This is thanks to the fact that they step away from the usual pepper spray formula. These products use a formula that contains CN tear gas and invisible UV dye. Of course, the Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) forms the core of the formula. The combination of these two agents provides a lot more functionality and stopping power than previous pepper spray devices.

Why are these two agents added to the mix though, wasn't the OC pepper enough? The short answer would be "yes", but we have to understand that MACE is always seeking to improve their products effectiveness. The included CN tear gas will cause additional effects such as profuse watering of the eyes. This addition is important in case your aim wasn't very good and you failed to hit the critical locations on your attacker's face. Remember - always shoot straight for the eyes and do not allow them to get too close!

As for the ultra violet dye, it is there simply to help police identify the suspect once he is captured by authorities. The UV dye will stick to the attacker's skin and cloths for a considerable amount of the time and they probably won't even know they have it on them.

The Mace Triple Action Pocket pepper spray comes with an easy-aim finger grip feature that makes this model ideal for women self defense and emergency use. It fits in anyone's hands (big or small) and provides you with the comfort that you deserve. The compact design makes this device portable and easy-to-carry.

The 11 gram stream unit sprays 6-12 feet and contains five (5), one second bursts.

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