Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Full Guide to Double-Contact Stun Guns

 A single stun gun, but twice as powerful? Well, that is honestly just sale's talk, but "double contact" stun guns certainly have quite a few interesting advantages and they are powerful enough to stop an advance of any attacker.

 As you perhaps already know, a regular stun gun uses two small probes very close to each other that transmit electricity to send a small amperage and a high voltage into an attacker's body.  The longer the distance between the panels the higher the voltage,but the amperage will stay the same. Double Contact stun guns can do this quite easily which makes them a lot more powerful, but does not cause any permanent injury or harm.

  Such stun guns are the Double Trouble Stun Gun and the Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun which are rather similar, but we will focus on their key differences to help you decide which is more suited for you. 

 Another great advantage of using these types of stun guns is that the contact panel is quite large which provides you with a larger surface to strike your attacker.

Who are these stun guns designed for?

 This is perhaps a question everyone will ask right off the bat after looking at the picture above as the two designs are very different. The Double Trouble Stun gun is, however, a stun gun that is more suited for women, especially those who jog or take their dog for walks late at night or early in the morning. It is very comfortable and you can carry it with you while you run and it will actually look like a small weight that's used for exercise.

Which is more powerful?

 The Double Trouble stun gun cost a bit more ($89.95) when compared to the Knuckle Blaster ($69.95) but the price is not a direct result of difference between their powers. The first can produce a voltage of 1.2 million volts, while the later is a 950,000 volt stun gun. The difference here isn't so huge and both are very good devices that can produce a very strong shock. The increased length between the contact probes on the Double Trouble stun gun is a slight advantage as it allows for a greater effect. Another thing you should note is that it a more comfortable device to grip and a bit more practical to use. On the other hand, the Knuckle Blaster carries the important advantage that it can hardly be taken away from you in a fight. If you get into a fist fight with your attacker, then this device will certainly give you the winning edge and help you pack quite a punch.

Battery Supplies and Accessories 

 We include a free holster casing for both devices if you purchase them via our store! Batteries are included as well so the device is ready to be used the moment you get it. We suggest reading the manual carefully though.

 The Double Trouble stun gun comes with a rubber coated soft grip which makes it easy to hold the device and you can probably hang on to it while you jog and use it as an exercise weight. Both devices come with a safety switch to prevent accidents.

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